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COLT 57: (INT 17): Special Topics: Culture, Place, and Identity

This course considers the role of culture and identity, migration, evolution of language, gender, race, and class issues, and studies the diverse cultural and artistic productions (literary, cinematic, musical, multi-media) that exemplify the tensions and negotiations between cultures and people.

Spring 2015: Aguado (12)

Memories from the Dark Side: Political and Historical Repression in Europe

On a continent where war, exile, extermination, and political and cultural repression have been pervasive over the centuries, new identities of resistance can emerge if Europeans place at their center the unforgivable memories of their shared atrocities. This course will address European integration not only as an economic or political concept but instead as a cult­ural pract­ice of resist­ance in t­he art­s, part­icularly in lit­erat­ure and film. Aut­hors include Semprun, Livi, Amery, Kis, Jelloun, Saramago and films by Resnais, Wajda, von Trot­t­a, and Costa­Gavras. Aguado. LIT/CI

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