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COLT 63: Literature and Politics

This course will be offered periodically and with varying content. It will explore the rich relations that exist between literature and politics, focusing on literature both as an instrument of political interest and as a product of political contexts.

Spring 2014: Smolin (2)

Protest Literature in the Americas

Can literature change the world? This course will explore this issue as we read protest literature from the United States and Latin America. Focusing on a wide range of social movements, we will compare the similarities and differences between struggles for rights and equality that have risen across the Americas. We will investigate how literary devices have been used to promote new visions of social change. Topics will include revolutions against colonial rule, abolition and emancipation, indigenous rights, feminist movements, gay liberation, anti-war protests, and contemporary denunciations of economic inequality. Authors may include Thomas Paine, Jose Martf, Tecumseh, Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Graciliano Ramos, Reinaldo Arenas, and Barbara Ehrenreich. (INT/LIT/CI)

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