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Margaret J. Geller (Doctor of Science)

Margaret GellerJune 8, 2014

MARGARET J. GELLER, as one of the world's foremost astrophysicists, your work to map the breathtaking complexities of the universe has taken the fields of cosmology and astronomy in unimagined directions.

From your early work at Princeton, to your groundbreaking exploration of the large-scale structures of the universe, your belief that astronomy is a measure of the reach of the human mind—and your passion to broaden this reach—underlie the span of your career.

Your ongoing quest to unfold the mysteries of dark matter reminds us that the work of the astrophysicist sometimes probes the very nature of man's understanding of existence. Your investigations into the internal structure and mass of galaxy clusters, as well as your co-discovery of the Great Wall and hypervelocity stars, will be studied for generations to come by those who long to know how our universe is ordered and came to be.

Exemplified by your numerous professional accolades, including a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, your commitment to science education is commendable. In addition to your extensive public lectures, your films Where the Galaxies Are, and So Many Galaxies ... So Little Time have helped students and the larger public better understand the role of the sciences in our lives.

For your pioneering work mapping the expanse of the universe; for your relentless curiosity which pushed the bounds of human knowledge; and for your commitment to helping us all better understand our respective place in the universe Dartmouth College is proud to award you the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.

President Philip J. Hanlon

Last Updated: 6/8/14