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Subra Suresh (Doctor of Science)

Subra SureshJune 9, 2013

SUBRA SURESH, your scientific accomplishments have been recognized by two U.S. presidents and described by one colleague as "nothing short of breathtaking." You have served as Dean of Engineering at MIT, director of the National Science Foundation, and will soon assume the presidency of Carnegie Mellon University.

The numerous awards you have received include a Franklin Institute medal, which joins you with the most influential scientists of the last two centuries, including Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein.

You are the ultimate exemplar of the three cornerstones of 21st-century science: innovation, interdisciplinarity, and global-minded collaboration. Your work applying nanomechanics to malaria research has shaped entirely new fields of cross-disciplinary study while illuminating our understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of disease.

As its director, you asserted the role of the NSF to be "the nation's innovation engine." Believing diversity to be a keystone of innovation, you increased opportunities in science for women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups. Toward the end of your tenure, you hosted a global summit that marked a new era in international scientific collaboration.

Though you have taught hundreds of now-prominent scientists and engineers, you remain an eager learner, beginning your directorship of the NSF with "town hall" meetings and your tenure at Carnegie Mellon with "listening tours" to inform your understanding of each institution.

You are known to be welcoming, with a wonderful sense of humor that puts people at ease, and your commitment to family has always been paramount. A dedicated husband and father, you have worked just as hard helping employees achieve a work-life balance as you have finding solutions to complex scientific problems.

Subra, you are one of the most visionary, impactful leaders in the global scientific community. For your extraordinary contributions to science and engineering, Dartmouth is proud to award you the honorary degree Doctor of Science.

President Carol L. Folt

Last Updated: 6/9/13