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Carol L. Folt (Doctor of Science)

Carol L. FoltJune 9, 2013

CAROL L. FOLT, as the first woman to serve as president of Dartmouth College, you have shown tremendous vision that will help shape Dartmouth's future for years ahead. We are here to honor your many contributions and distinguished service as a committed educator, researcher, and long-standing member of the Dartmouth community.

In 2009, under your leadership as provost, Dartmouth embarked on its first comprehensive, community-wide strategic planning process. You encouraged an entire community to think about the future, but you also understood how important it is that we pay tribute to our past. You set your sights high and inspired others to do the same, and helped identify strategic opportunities that will guide Dartmouth for decades to come.

This year, you helped us celebrate 40 years of undergraduate co-education and the 40th anniversaries of the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association and the Native American Studies Program. These events enriched our community and underscored the vital role and impact of diversity in our lives. You spearheaded a vibrant Year of the Arts, bringing an unprecedented variety of performing and visual arts to campus. Your attendance at these and other student-run events demonstrated your unwavering commitment to the arts and the community.

Your love of Dartmouth and its people is real, and has guided you every step of your journey. As a faculty member and Dean of Faculty, you developed meaningful, long-lasting relationships with undergraduate and graduate students whom you taught and mentored. As a distinguished scientist, your seminal research advanced knowledge in global climate change and the effects of mercury and arsenic on human health. You have inspired the next generation of women in science, and have fostered an environment that helps people reach their greatest potential.

Carol, you are an outstanding leader, scholar, teacher, and mentor. As you embark on the next phase of your career as chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we thank you for your friendship, your service, and your enduring impact on Dartmouth. For these outstanding contributions to the College, Dartmouth is proud to award you the honorary degree Doctor of Humane Letters.

Steve Mandel, Chair
Dartmouth College Board of Trustees

Last Updated: 6/9/13