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Jim Yong Kim (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Jim Yong KimJune 10, 2012

JIM YONG KIM, as Dartmouth's 17th president, you have made a lasting contribution to the College, energizing students, faculty, and alumni, and inspiring all to push harder and think bigger to help solve the problems of our time.

Before you came to Dartmouth, you had already made your mark on the world stage through your distinguished work as a global health expert, anthropologist, educator, and innovator at Harvard University, the World Health Organization, and Partners in Health, the pioneering global health services provider you co-founded.

When you were chosen as president of Dartmouth, some considered you an unlikely choice. Yet looking back, your path to Hanover seems almost destined. The school sought a leader who was "committed, inspired, and unafraid," one who readily understood the many qualities that make Dartmouth so distinctive. You have hit every mark and enriched us with the uniqueness of your background and perspectives.

From your first day, you faced daunting challenges and difficult choices. You arrived at the height of the global economic crisis, as Dartmouth struggled to overcome a large budget shortfall. Your decisive action to reduce expenses closed the gap faster than anyone thought possible and reinforced the College's financial foundation.

At the same time, you pushed Dartmouth to expand its educational horizons and its role as a global leader. During your presidency, Dartmouth launched the Center for Health Care Delivery Science and led the creation of the National College Health Improvement Project, two undertakings that were the first of their kind. In your determination to promote excellence, you laid the foundation for a strategic planning initiative that will advance and guide Dartmouth for decades to come.

You have shared your many talents with Dartmouth and taught us much—from the science of disciplined thinking and execution, to the passion and courage to take on tough challenges and demand the very best of ourselves.

Jim, Dartmouth will miss deeply your extraordinary leadership and your humanity. We wish you well as you continue your journey to make the world's troubles your own. We thank you for your friendship and your service and the enduring mark you have left. For your outstanding contribution to the College and to the world, Dartmouth is proud to award you the honorary degree Doctor of Humane Letters.

Steve Mandel
Chair of Dartmouth College Board of Trustees

Last Updated: 8/17/12