Collaborative Facilities is a project designed to collect, organize, and disseminate information about model "collaborative facilities" on college and university campuses. The project is sponsored by the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) and hosted by Dartmouth College in an effort to assist institutions in planning, implementing, and evaluating these facilities.
     This web site allows information professionals, administrators, faculty, and other interested visitors to "tour" collaborative facilities online and to analyze documents related to their planning, design, administration, staffing, services, and funding. The site also provides contact information for each participating institution in order to encourage the development of an interactive community devoted to collaborative facilities.

What is a Collaborative Facility?
     Collaborative facilities integrate the services of information technologists, librarians, instructional technologists, multi-media producers, and many others to serve a wide range of faculty and student needs. The organization and functions of these facilities vary widely, but all include a distinct physical space, participation by at least two separate campus units, and staff members dedicated to collaborative work. Collaborative facilities range from "information commons" that provide equipment and reference services to students and faculty to distance-education offices that address institutional concerns to centers that assist faculty in integrating teaching and new technologies.

Accessing Our Site
To enable visitors to analyze and compare facilities easily, the information on this site is organized and cross-referenced in three categories:

Visitors will find information about each collaborative facility under the institution where it originated. Some institutions have developed more than one type of facility. This site provides a profile of each contributing college or university, which includes brief statistics, project descriptions, and contact information.

Types of Facilities
Collaborative facilities are organized by type to enable useful comparisons of different institutional models. The types of facilities are:

Supporting Materials
Those involved in developing collaborative facilities will want to compare particular types of information across the spectrum of facilities and institutions. The categories of information available for analysis and comparison on this site include:

Copyright Information
Each institution that has submitted materials to this website holds the copyright to its materials and permission to use those materials must be obtained directly from each institution. Dartmouth College holds the copyright for the overall design and general content of the website.
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