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Westminster College Information Commons Executive Summary

We envision a facility within the Giovale Library's main floor that integrates the services and support of librarians, information technologists, and instructional technologists to serve a wide range of student and faculty needs in a collaborative learning environment. Within the Information Commons, students and faculty will work together in an open space, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, be able to partake in a coffee bar within an area designated for food, have access to high-end technologies, and receive centralized assistance for both research and technology. We hope to foster a social culture of learning and to increase information literacy among our students. Please refer to page two of this document for a proposed floor plan.

Need and Fit
Since 1997 Westminster's Giovale Library has served as an excellent resource for student research and an access point for computing services. What is now needed is to make the library the true intellectual center of the campus. The proposed Information Commons will be a place for Westminster students and faculty to engage in discussion, collaboration, and active learning as well as a place where they can find support for their research and technology needs. Several other campus initiatives that stem from the Strategic Plan such as a Writing Center dovetail well with the proposed Information Commons.

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For more information, please contact:
Stephan Ross, Computer Support and Web Manager

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