The return to Dartmouth College

Now you know what“saudade” means

When you return to campus you will be a totally different person. You’ll have new stories to all of your friends and you will have new friends and experiences from both Dartmouth and Brazil. Keep these friendships because these friends are people that have probably helped you through the hard times in Brazil.

Besides this, when you return you will want to speak Portuguese all of the time. It’s a beautiful language and when you realize all of the work you put into learning the language, you will speak it a lot. Again, don’t worry. There are many people at Dartmouth that speak Portuguese. You will realize that Dartmouth has a lot of Brazilians and other people that can converse in the Portuguese language.

Finally: it’s a good idea to spend the fall term on campus in order to take Portuguese 9. That’s the right time to do it.

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