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Department of Classics

Dartmouth College
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Department Chair
Professor Roberta Stewart


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Therese Perin-Deville (Administrator)


Leslie Barrow (Administrative Assistant)


Carol Bean-Carmody (Academic Assistant)


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Student Theses

The substantial essays posted on this page are theses written by Dartmouth undergraduates who were recognized by the faculty of the Department of Classics for their academic achievement by being awarded High Honors in their departmental major (or Highest Honors before 1983) upon graduation. The posted theses are grouped by graduation year (in reverse chronological order) and coded according to departmental major track (in alphabetical sequence, Ancient History, Classical Archaeology, Classical Languages and Literatures, and Classical Studies). Since each thesis must be authorized for public release in pdf form by its author, the pace at which these theses will be posted is difficult to predict as of this date (20 December 2011). The Department of Classics is nevertheless committed to recognizing the excellence of its past students' work in this way as far back in time as it may prove possible to secure the permissions of the student authors in question.



Chloe Lee: The "Good Men" of 100 BEC: A Study of Cicero's Pro Rabirio Perduellionis
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Stewart)

Margarita S. Montgomery: Poetry of Politics in the 30s BC: A Reading of Vergil's Eclogues and Horace's Epodes
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Chaudhuri)


Anna Leah Berstein- Simpson: Nostoi: Cultural Repatriation and National Identity
Classical Archaeology modified, (Advisor: Stewart)

Joyce Cho: Constructions of the Body of the Mistress By the Men of Latin Love Elegy
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Stewart and Chaudhuri)

Sarah Loucks: The Rhetoric of Wealth in Demosthenes' on the Crown
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Tell)

Joel Malkin: Pindar's Delphi: The Delphic Authority behind Epinician Praise
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Tell)

Kyle McGinty: Circles of Framing and Light: Analyzing the Nimbus in the Mediterranean
Classical Studies, (Advisor: Ulrich)

Chloe Moon: Early Athenian Gendering Through Art: Representations of Mixed-Gender Dancing from the Late Geometric to the Late Archaic Period
Classical Studies, (Advisor: Rutter)

Elizabeth Neill: Pillars of Society: Women as Bearers of Burdens in Archaic and Classical Art
Classical Archaeology, (Advisor: Rutter)

Emily Stronski: A Representation of Immortality and the Afterlife in the Third Century CE: the Capitoline Prometheus Sarcophagus
Classical Archaeology, (Advisor: Ulrich)

Emma Vance: Before The Alba Mater: Classics, Civilization, and Race at Moor's Indian Charity School
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Williamson and Schweitzer)


Gregory Knight: Adeia as Immunity in 5th Centure BC Athens
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Tell)

Scott O'Brien: Seneca on the Renaissance University Stage: The Plays of William Gager and the Function of Moral Agency in the Tragic Genre
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Graver)

Peter Osorio: A Classicist Under Constraint
Classical Studies, (Advisor: Graver)

Chelsea Perfect: Fortuna Redux in Early Imperial Coinage
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Stewart)


Charles Clark: The Gortyn Laws in Architectural Context
Classical Archaeology, (Advisor: Rutter)

Kathryn Mammel: Bodies in Bloom: The Association of Flora and Female Figures in Late Bronze Age Aegean Iconography
Classical Archaeology, (Advisor: Rutter)

Sarah Spangenberg: Issues of Planning in Diocletian's Palace at Split: Imperial Cult and the Late Antique Palace
Classical Studies, (Advisor: Ulrich)


Margaret Bell: The Gadde of Palmyra and Dura-Europos: images of fortune from late 2nd century Roman Syria
Classical Studies: (Advisor: Ulrich)

Ryan Marnell: "Betwixt the joys of sex:" scholarship and marriage in Michael Field's treatment of Sappho
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Williamson)


Christopher Blankenship: The Role of the Individual in Ephoros' Histories
Ancient History, (Advisor: Christesen)

Ray DiCiaccio: DAMP: A Digital Archaeological Mapping Program: Problems with its Applicability to Surface Survey Information Due to Issues of Data Comparability
Classical Archaeology, (Advisor: Rutter)

Radha d. S. Kulkarni: Visualizing the Past: Tu Marcellus Eris                                                                                                                                                                                                         Classical Studies, (Advisor: Ulrich)

Catherine Lacey: Ovid's Art of meaning: Interpretation and Authority in Tristia 2                                                                                                                                                                                      Classical Languages and Literatures  (Advisor: Chaudhuri)

Dominic Machado: Marcus Claudius Marcellus: Rebellious Republican or Traditional Triumphator?                                                                                                                                                      Ancient History, (Advisor: Stewart)                   

Peter Mathias: Capital Punishment and Jurisprudence in Ancient Rome                                                                                                                                                                                             Classical Studies, (Advisor: Stewart)


Debra Aboodi: A Log Cabin Out of Stone: Translating Horace's Epodes
Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Graver)

Aindriu Colgan: Understanding Imperial Rome and the Evolving Meaning of Empire                                                                                                                                                      Classical Languages and Literatures, (Advisor: Stewart)

Kyle Jazwa: Depictions of Boxing in Late Archaic Etruscan Tomb Paintings                                                                                                                                                                                     Classical Archaeology,  (Advisor: Stewart)

Briar (Teron) Dent: The Pompeian Bakeries: An Analysis of the Urban Distribution of the Bakeries and Pastry Shops at Pompeii'
Classical Archaeology, (Advisor: Ulrich)

Alisa R. Koonce: Philosophical Studies in Early Monastic Schools: Ontology and Mereology in Marginal Glosses of Commentaries to Aristotle's Categories and Related Writings (10th - 11th c)                    

Senior Fellowship directed by the History Department, (Advisor: Graver 2nd reader)




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