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Department of Classics

Dartmouth College
6086 Reed Hall Room 201
Hanover, NH 03755

(603) 646-3394



Department Chair
Professor Roberta Stewart



Administrative Staff

Karen DeRosa (Administrator)


Leslie Barrow (Administrative Assistant)


Carol Bean-Carmody (Academic Assistant)


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Placement in Latin

The Latin Placement Test is available only to students entering freshman term. All requests for exemption must be resolved by the end of your first term as we do not offer this test at any other time. The Latin Placement Test for the Class of 2018 are: Time TBD in the Exam Center. For further details please see the Placement Exam section of the New Student Orientation websiteThe test takes about 90 minutes.

For Latin, the College language requirement may be satisfied on the basis of a score of 680 or higher on the SAT II Latin test, or a score of 5 on the Advanced Placement (AP) Latin test, or a high score on the departmental placement test administered during Orientation. Exempted students are automatically placed in Latin 10 or 15. Students seeking to enter directly into Latin 22 or other advanced Latin courses are advised to consult the Chair of the Department of Classics. Students whose test results may not fairly reflect their knowledge and experience of Latin may also consult with representatives of the Classics Department (either the Chair or the instructors of upper-level Latin classes) in order to determine the appropriate placement.

All entering first-year students who have studied Latin are strongly urged to take the SAT II Latin test while still in secondary school.

About the Placement Test

Because the placement test must distinguish between several different levels of Latin, there is a range of difficulty in the test questions. Some questions will be difficult for almost everyone. Please do not be troubled by this; just answer as much as you can and we will place you in the course that is most appropriate for you. It is possible to do well on this test without completing all of the questions.

Credit and Advanced Placement

Course credit is not granted for training corresponding to that given in Latin 1 or 3 at Dartmouth (as is true of all foreign languages). Appropriate course credit may be awarded upon formal request to those students who have achieved a 5 on either of the Latin Advanced Placement (AP) examinations and a score of at least 680 on the SAT II Latin test, or performance at the equivalent level on the departmental Latin exam administered during Orientation. Students seeking credit for intermediate Latin courses are advised to consult the Chair of the Department of Classics.

Transfer Credit

Students who have completed International Baccalaureate work or who wish to receive transfer credit for college Latin courses taken prior to matriculation at Dartmouth should see the Chair of the Department of Classics early in the Fall term. Credit will be given only for courses which are equivalent to those offered at Dartmouth and only to first-year students who have achieved an A on the departmental placement exam.

Last Updated: 7/23/14