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Roster 2005
Caleb Chaplain '07
Katherine Harrington '06
Nkosi Harvey '06
Jacqueline Olson '07
Neha Shetty '07
Laura Sides '07
Benjamin Silverman '06
Peter Van Buren '07

The following documents are available to download as Adobe Acrobat files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader follow the link to: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2005 Itinerary: 2005 Greece Itinerary.pdf

How to Call Greece
In order to call a number in Greece, you need to dial: 011 30, followed by a ten digit number. The hotel list that follows gives the ten digit numbers for all the hotels we have pre-booked in Greece.

Please note that old (prior to 2003) guidebooks may list out-of-date phone numbers. For converting old numbers, go to "Greece Gets New Telephone Numbers Yet Again". All the phone numbers given on this site are up to date and do not need to be converted.

Hotel Information
download Hotel Information.pdf

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