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Department of Classics

Dartmouth College
6086 Reed Hall Room 201
Hanover, NH 03755

(603) 646-3394


Department Chair
Professor Roberta Stewart


Administrative Staff


Therese Perin-Deville (Administrator)


Leslie Barrow (Administrative Assistant)


Carol Bean-Carmody (Academic Assistant)


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Roberta Stewart

Professor Roberta Stewart
Photo by Joseph Mehling '69

Department Chair

Professor of Classics
309 Reed Hall
(603) 646-2911

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Areas of Specialty

  • Ancient History, particularly Roman History of the Republican Period
  • Greek and Latin Literature
  • Ancient Religion


  • Classical Studies 11: Roots of Feminism
  • Classical Studies 11.2: Later Roman Empire, From Severus to Theodosius: From Divine Emperors to God as Emperor    
  • Classical Studies 17: History of the Roman Republic
  • Classical Studies 85: Independent Reading and Research
  • Classical Studies 87: Thesis
  • Greek 85: Independent Reading and Research                                                                                                                    
  • Greek 87: Thesis
  • Latin 1.3: Introductory Latin
  • Latin 85: Independent Reading and Research
  • Latin 87: Thesis




Plautus and Roman Slavery

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