Curriculum Vitae

William C. Scott

Department of Classics
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-2522
Fax: (603) 646-3533
E-mail: william.c.scott@dartmouth.edu

1. Education

1955-1959 Princeton University, A.B.
1960-1962 Princeton University, M.A.
1962-1963 Study at the University of Munich on a German Government Grant
1963-1964 Princeton University, Ph.D.
Dissertation: The Oral Nature of the Homeric Simile

2. Academic Honors and Awards

1959-1961 Andover Teaching Fellowship, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.; Honorary Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

1962-1963 Grant from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst for a year of study at the University of Munich

1963-1964 Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship

1968-1969 Grant from Dartmouth College Faculty Fellowship Fund for a year's leave time

1977-1978 Grant from the Dartmouth College Senior Faculty Fund

Grant from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation

1984-1985 Grant from the Dartmouth College Senior Faculty Fund for a year's leave time

1986 Goodwin Award of Merit from American Philological Association for book Musical Design in Aeschylean Theater


3. Employment

1964-1966 Assistant Professor of Classics, Haverford College

1966-1970 Assistant Professor of Classics, Dartmouth College

1970-1975 Associate Professor of Classics and Drama, Dartmouth College

Associate Dean of the Faculty (1970-1972)

Chairman of the Department of Classics (1971-1976)

Chairman of the Humanities Division (Summer 1974)

1975- Professor of Classics and Drama, Dartmouth College

1988-1993 Appointed Humanities Distinguished Research Professor

1994- Appointed Dartmouth Professor of Classics


4. National Scholarly Committees/Service

1990- Evaluator for the National Humanities Center

1964- Member of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens

1998-99 Member of Archbishop's Commission on Greek Language and Culture for the Greek Orthodox Church


5. Recent Dartmouth Committee/Service

1969- Cooperating Member of the Drama Department

1993- Chair of the Task Force on the Library of the 21st Century

1994-97 Memer and Chairman of the Council on Honorary Degrees

1996- Member of the Baker/Berry Library Building Committee

1997- Co-Chair of the University Seminar on Information Technology


6. Publications



The Oral Nature of the Homeric Simile (Leiden 1974)

Prometheus Bound, (Bryn Mawr Commentaries 1980)

Musical Design in Aeschylean Theater (Hanover, NH 1984)

Plato's The Republic: (New York and London, 1985)

Musical Design in Sophoclean Theater (Hanover, NH 1996)

The Artistry of the Homeric Simile (Hanover, NH and London 2009)



Assistant Editor of the Report of the Colloquium on the Classics in Education (1955)

"Wind Imagery in the Oresteia." TAPhA 97 (1965) 459-471

"The Mesode at Persae 98 ff.," GRBS 9 (1968) 259-266

"Cato and Catullus (c. 56)," CP 64 (1969) 24-29

"Catullus and Calvus (Cat. 50)," CP 64 (1969) 169-173

"The Confused Chorus (Agamemnon 975-1034)," Phoenix 23 (1969) 336-364

"Catullus and Caesar (c. 29)," CP 66 (1971) 17-25

"A Repeated Episode at Odyssey 1.125-48," TAPhA 102 (1971) 541-551

"Two Suns Over Thebes: Imagery and Stage Effects in the Bacchae," TAPhA 105 (1975) 333-346

"Lines for Clytemnestra (Agamemnon 489-502)," TAPhA 108 (1978) 259-269

"Non-Strophic Elements in Aeschylus' Oresteia," TAPhA 112 (1982) 179-196

"Oedipus Rex versus the Priest of Zeus," in To Hold a Mirror to Nature (Washington 1982) 103-113

"The Exit of Oedipus Rex," in From Pen to Performance (Washington 1983) 103-109

"Comedy in the Oresteia," in The Legacy of Thepis (Washington 1984) 67-73

"The Splitting of Choral Lyric in Aeschylus' Oresteia," AJP 105 (1984) 150-165

"Teaching Homer from the Top Down: The Telemachy," In Approaches to Teaching World Literature, vol. 13 (New York 1987) 132-36

"The Development of the Chorus in Prometheus Bound," TAPhA 117 (1987) 85-96

"Homer: Text, Context, and Tradition," AJP 110 (1989) 339-56

"Oral Verse - Making in Homer's Odyssey," Oral Tradition 4 (1989) 382-412

"Musical Design in the Choruses on Euripides' Bacchae," plan for choreography in a full length film of the play under the sponsorship of The New York Greek Drama Company

(with Karl Steyaert) "Musical Disorder in Euripides' Bacchae" Text and Presentation 14 (l993) 87-90

"The Watchman in Aeschylus' Oresteia," NECN&J 22 (1994) 21-4

"The Lyric Dialogue in Oedipus Tyrannos," Arion 4 (1996) 33-44

"The Berry-Baker Library: 'The Future is Not What it Used to Be'," Dartmouth College Library Bulletin 38 (1998) 54-62.

"Pathei Mathos in the Prometheus Bound," NECJ 24 (1999) 10-14

"The Eitquette of Games in Iliad 23," GRBS 38 (1997) 213-27


7. Reviews

E. Castorini, Questioni Neoteriche (CP, Oct. 1969)

W. Suerbaum, Untersuchungen zur Selbstdarstellung Aelterer Roemischer Dichter (CP Jan. 1971)

E. A. Kirfel, Untersuchungen zur Briefform der Heroides Ovids and E. Oppel, Ovids Heroides: Studien zur Inneren Form und zur Motivation (CP, July 1971)

K. Quinn's edition of Catullus, The Poems (CW, Sept. 1971)

G. E. Duckworth, Vergil and Classical Hexameter Poetry: A Study in Metrical Variety (CP, Oct. 1971)

H. C. Cannon's translation of Ovid's Heroides (CW, Feb. 1972)

A. Sideras, Aeschylus Homericus: Untersuchungen zu den Homerismen der aischyleischen Sprache (CW, April 1972)

R. Lennig, Traum und Sinnestauschsung bei Aischylos, Sophokles, Euripides (AJP, April 1972)

A. Wartelle, Histoire du Texte d'Eschyle (CW, Feb. 1974)

H. Gregory's translation of Catullus (CW, April 1974)

J. Lembke, Bronze and Iron, Old Latin Poetry from its Beginnings in 100 B.C. (CW, April 1975)

R. Friedrich, Stilwandel im Homerischen Epos (CW, Sept. 1977)

B. Fenik, Studies in the Odyssey (CW , Sept. 1977)

F. Petrounias, Funktion und Thematik der Bilder bei Aischylos (CW, Jan. 1978)

O. Anderson, Die Diomedesgestalt in der Ilias (CW, Feb. 1980)

K. Simonsuuri, Homer's Original Genius (CW, Feb. 1980)

D. F. S. Thomson, Catullus, A Critical Edition (CJ, May 1980)

A. C. Coolidge, Jr., Beyond the Fatal Flaw: A Study of the Neglected Forms of Greek Drama (CW, Jan. 1982)

A. Lesky, Greek Tragic Poetry (Theatre Journal, May 1984)

S. Schein, The Mortal Hero: An Introduction to Homer's Iliad and M. Mueller, The Iliad (CW, 1985)

R. Fagles, Aeschylus' Oresteia and Sophocles' Theban Trilogy (NECN, 1985)

A. J. N. W. Prag, The Oresteia: Iconographic and Narrative Tradition (NECN, 1986)

G. Thalmann, Conventions of Form and Thought in Early Greek Epic Poetry (CW, 1986)

D. J. Conacher, Aeschylus' Oresteia: A Literary Commentary (AJP, 1989)

Euripides' Electra, ed. M. J. Cropp (NECN, 1989)

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The Odyssey of Homer. Translated by T. E. Lawrence (Bryn Mawr Classical Review 1991)

S.B. Heiden, Tragic Rhetoric: An Interpretation of Sophocles' Trachiniae (Phoenix l991) 86-88

Simon Goldhill, Aeschylus: The Oresteia (NECNJ l993)

E. Csapo and W.J. Slater, The Context of Ancient Drama (NECNJ 1996)

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