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Department of Classics

Dartmouth College
6086 Reed Hall Room 201
Hanover, NH 03755

(603) 646-3394


Department Chair
Professor Roberta Stewart


Administrative Staff


Therese Perin-Deville (Administrator)


Leslie Barrow (Administrative Assistant)


Carol Bean-Carmody (Academic Assistant)


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Graduates 2013

Majors in Classics

Torrey E. Barrett  Classical Studies modified
 Anna Leah Berstein-Simpson*  Classical Archaeology modified
 Ranya H. Brooks  Classical Studies
 Katelyn E. Burgess  Classical Archaeology
 Joyce H. Cho *  Classical Languages and Literature
 Catherine L. Darragh  Classical Studies
 Mary H. Hassell  Classical Studies
 Sarah E. Loucks **  Classical Languages and Literature
 Joel K. Malkin **  Classical Languages and Literature
 Kyle C. McGinty **  Classical Studies
 Chloe K. Moon *  Classical Studies
 Elizabeth J. Neill *  Classical Archaeology
 Emily E. Stronski *  Classical Archaeology
 Emma J. Vance **  Classical Languages and Literature
 Kevin W. Woram  Classical Languages and Literature


** High Honors (Click link to access Thesis)

Minor in Classics

 Christopher P. Bodine  Ancient History
 Sarah H. Brim  Classical Languages and Literature
 Wales A. Carter  Classical Languages and Literature
 Kyle L. DePriest  Classical Studies
 Claire E. Hornig  Classical Studies
 Kevin W. Woram  Ancient History

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