Images/Realia Developed and/or Compiled at Dartmouth
Maps of Languages and Dialects of China

Compiled by Alexander R. Pennock, Dartmouth class of 2001, under the supervision of Professor Hua-yuan Li Mowry and with generous support from the Byrne Foundation and the Dartmouth Presidential Scholars Program, the group includes 6 maps, showing the general linguistic terrain of China. The maps are:

Map 1: Major Language Families in China
Map 2a: Chinese and Non-Chinese Languages *
Map 2b: Chinese and Non-Chinese Language Groups *
Map 2c: General Population Distribution of Major Linguistic Groups in China
Map 3:Mandarin and Southern Chinese Split
Map 4: Dialects of Mandarin and Southern Chinese

Otmar Foelsche's Gallery of Photographs of China

These photographs were taken in August and September 2000 during Dartmouth College's FSP program in China. Non-commercial use of these photographs is permitted - Copyright 2000 Trustees of Dartmouth Callege. We acknowledge generous financial support of the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning , Peter Patrikis, Director.

Mogao Caves Photo Gallery

All the pictures in this section come from a CD purchased at the "official" gift shop at Mogao Caves. Upon closer examination, we believe that the CD's 103 images of murals and sculptures have been selected and arranged mainly by following the presentation within the five-volume monumental collection entitled "China's Stone-caves: Dunhuang Mogao Caves" ("Zhongguo Shiku: Dunhuang Mogao Ku" ), published jointly by China's Wenwu Chubanshe and Japan's Heibonsha (1982 first printing; 1989 second printing). The 103 images present 11% of the 938 images contained in the five-volume collection, but represent only a tiny fraction of what has been preserved in the 492 Mogao Caves, viz., more than 1,400 undamaged sculptures, and murals covering 45,000 square meters.

The numeral in the caption for each of the images corresponds with the number of the cave whence the image derives.