General, Comprehensive Text-sites

Compiled by Professor Marjorie Chan of Ohio State University, the site "China Links" has annotated links to over 600 China and Chinese related websites. This page consists of 32 different links to searchable and archived Classical Chinese Text-sites.
A comprehensive Chinese page, with links to various Chinese (PRC) sites devoted to the study of Chinese literature, history or culture in general, with links to a number of e-text sites.
A Chinese (PRC) website search-engine, with links to sites containing various topics of Chinese literature, both classical and modern, and with literally hundreds and thousands of e-texts listed either by individual author or by literary genre.
Maintained by Taiwan's Academia Sinica Computing Centre, this site contains a comprehensive database of traditional Chinese texts categorized by genre (the 25 histories; 13 classics; traditional fiction and drama, etc.).
A general-purpose website from a Chinese (PRC) search engine, with links to hundreds of Chinese literary e-text sites/pages. The links are categorized in a very logical, easy-to-search manner ("ancient"; "modern"; "literary works"; "authors", etc.).