Maintained in Australia, this site is greatly useful for Asian Studies. You can choose a region or an individual country to focus on.
Input the URL of a Chinese site in Big5 and get an annotated version with pinyin, meaning, and links to further information on the character or term. Currently down and looking for a new host.
A rich and continuously updated site: Chinese art and literature; links to museums and arts galleries; many graphics of calligraphy, painting, seals, etc.; many classical literary texts in GB or Big5 format in the Chinese Reading Room.
Hyper-C database indexes hundreds of China-related websites, documents, news articles and multimedia files. Links in the database can be browsed, using the frames-based browsing page, or searched directly using the boolean search interface. Hyper-C has a new add form so you can submit your own sites to the database. "The Ultimate Chinese Search Tool."
Contains descriptions and order procedures for the purchase of Chinese Language related texts or software.
A full site with sections on: Viewing and Listening to Chinese on the WWW; Chinese Language Study Courses; Links to Chinese-Language Related FTP Sites; Sources of Chinese Text Files; Chinese Educational Software; Scholarly and Linguistic Resources on Chinese; Resources for East Asiatic Librarianship; Information about Programming.
This site contains information on the most widely given test of Chinese Proficiency called the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)
More than 500 links on: General Interest; News & Newspapers; China-related Readings; Taiwan; Magazines; Chinese Language; Chinese Games; Songs, Music, Movies & Opera; Chinese Software; Computing; Major Cities in China; Hong Kong; USENET Newsgroups; Radio & Television; Chinese Mysticism; Martial Arts & KungFu; Internet in China; and many other non-academic topics.
This is a new venture exploring use of the Internet as a means of promoting understanding of and exchange with the culture and people of China and, more importantly, to introduce opportunities for cooperation and friendship between individuals and organizations in our countries.
Maintained by Vienna University, this site is greatly useful for China Studies. They have links for almost any Chinese-related topic one can think of.
This site has links in English and in GB code for numerous Chinese-related websites including electronic newspapers, online radio, texts, etc.
Sections on technical information, area background, and language, as well as ftp site for downloading documents.
This site offers introductions to various types of traditional performances including story telling, opera, dancing, puppetry, and more.
A site with information about the affairs and researches on overseas Chinese. In Big 5 with some English.
Among the numerous on-line utilities on this page are: Chinese Dictionary, Chinese Flashcards, another character to pinyin converter (where you upload files and they return the files with the pinyin next to the characters), a calendar converter, and a currency converter.
This site "provides anyone who is interested in this unique language with an unofficial place to exchange and disseminate linguistic information via the WWW technology." Some of the topics that are covered include Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Phonetics, Phonology, Semantics & Lexicon, and Historical-Linguistics.
Maintained by Wenze Hu & Hongyin Tao, this site is a forum for the exchange of scholarly linguistic information. Some of the topics that are covered include Sociolinguistics, Dialectology, Phonetics, Phonology, Semantics & Lexicon, and Historical-Linguistics.