Computing in the Chinese Language

World Wide Web
Input (copy-and-paste) any Chinese text and obtain the transliterated pronunciation of each Chinese character. This site is maintained by Ocrat.
An integrated solution, Wenlin combines a high-speed expandable Chinese dictionary, a full-featured text editor, and unique "flashcard" system all in one intuitive environment. Wenlin is a comprehensive tool for begining students, life-long speakers, andscholars alike.
Maintained by Erik Peterson, this site contains many extremely useful tools for learning and using chinese characters. It has character conversion to Pinyin, a romanization converter (to change Pinyin to Wade Giles, etc.), and on-line converter between Big5 and GB, and more.
This site is maintained by Carlos McEvilly.
For learning Chinese online, hosted at California State University at Long Beach.
Includes related topics on CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean; in this case, mostly Japanese).
Maintained by John Jenkins

Apple Macintoch
An article about new fonts being developed for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean desktop publishing. The site mostly talks about Japanese.
Some background information about using Chinese on the web and within programs on a Mac.

IBM Compatible
The latest version 2.0 of NJ Communicator can be used on both Windows NT and Windows 9X, with a very nice Chinese input module.