Executive Board Winter 2013

Daniel Lee

Greetings! I’m a ’13 from Modesto, California. As a chemistry major, I do theoretical biophysical research with Professor Robert Cantor. There’s a lot of math and computer coding involved, so I get to be really creative with the problems we work on. On campus, I’m the Editor-in-Chief of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science and President of Dartmouth for Clean Water. I also serve on the executive board of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and am a Dean’s Office Student Consultant. In the past, I’ve worked for the Adventist Development Relief Agency, Liberia, as a Project Officer coordinating the relief effort for the Ivorian Refugee Crisis in Liberia. In my free time, I enjoy classical music, playing the cello, tennis, and drawing.


Vice President and Webmaster
Cory Chang

I’m a Dartmouth ’13 from Livermore, California, and I’m currently pursuing a double major in sleep deprivation and procrastination. Like Andy, I do organometallics and catalysis research in the 24/7 party that is Professor Glueck’s lab, and I also TA, tutor, and lead study groups for general and organic chemistry. Outside of chemistry, I am heavily involved in the music department — I study piano with Professor Sally Pinkas, fake first violin (and occasionally keyboards) in the Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra, play in various chamber music groups, and can often be found being abused as an accompanist deep within the bowels of the Hopkins Center. I also serve as captain of the Dartmouth Club Table Tennis team, and in my spare time I enjoy climbing buildings, stargazing on the roofs of said buildings, taking part in improvisatory jam sessions, and looking at pictures of cats on the internet.


Joyce Pan

I am from South Burlington, Vermont. I am currently considering a double major in Neuroscience and Biological Sciences with a concentration in Chemistry with Global Health Certificate.  I am also involved with the DCCS Exec Board, Dartmouth Cancer and Patient Services, and NSS Executive Board.  I am also doing research at DHMC with Dr. Hillier regarding pediatric neurotoxicity. In my spare time, I like to read, play the piano/French horn, cook, sing, surf the Internet, and watch movies.


Chemistry Major Liaison
Beatriz Bohorquez Fuentes

I am a Biological Chemistry major from Buffalo Grove, IL. On campus I’m involved in DCGH, the Dartmouth College Chemistry Society, and I occasionally volunteer at the Haven Homeless Shelter. Last year I was a WISP (Women in Science Program) intern in the Spaller Lab in the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the DHMC. I am continuing this research this year through the Sophomore Science Scholars program.

Outreach Chair
Brendan Wang

I’m a Dartmouth ’15 from Andover, Massachusetts, and my interests lie in chemistry and mathematics. I’m currently helping put together a chemistry outreach program for the Chemistry Society. I thought that while we’re active on the Dartmouth campus, we should spread our enthusiasm for science by visiting local middle schools and demonstrating the power of chemistry. We hope to inspire youths to engage themselves in science as they grow older. In addition to the Chemistry Society, I’m also a writer and the Online Content Editor for the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science and a member of the Rotaract Club. I’m also currently in the process of forming a COSO organization that raises money for scholarships toward the education of migrant workers’ children in China. After Dartmouth, I intend to pursue a Ph.D in chemistry and then do pharmaceutical research.


Outreach Chair
Judy Li

I’m a ’15 at Dartmouth College from New York City. I plan to major in Biology (with a possible concentration in human biology) and minor in Chemistry. Everything in the world is so intricately involved with science, and there is always something new to discover. There is nothing that makes me happier than the excitement of a discovery, which I believe every child should experience. As a Senior Explainer at the NY Hall of Science, I performed fun and interactive science demonstrations geared towards families and interpreted hands-on exhibits. There I realized that children could benefit greatly from learning science in a fun, hands-on environment, so I hope to make this possible as one of the Outreach Chairs. On campus, I currently work with Dartmouth EMS as a Tertiary. I am also taking EMT classes to become nationally registered. I am also on the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, Princess B-ride. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks down to the river, hanging out, tossing frisbees on the Green, and listening to music.


President Emeritus
Andy Zureick

I’m a Dartmouth ’13 from Michigan, and I’m studying chemistry. I founded Dartmouth’s chapter of the American Chemical Society last year with the hope of further developing the Dartmouth Chemistry Society of the past, as well as building new connections with other schools and helping Dartmouth students connect to the professional chemistry world. I have taken advantage of many opportunities offered by the Chemistry Department, including pursuing organometallics and catalysis research as a Presidential Scholar in the lab of David Glueck, working as an undergraduate lab TA for Chemistry 51, 52, and 64, tutoring, leading organic study groups, and, of course, guiding the Chemistry Society. Outside of chemistry, I’m the President of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science and the External Co-President for GlobeMed at Dartmouth, a nonprofit organization I started last year. Outside of science, I’m an avid musician and enjoy playing piano in chamber groups and at house concerts with the Dartmouth Classical Music Raiders.