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Scanning Spectrometer
Image 1

The scanning spectrometer (center) measures absorbance vs. wavelength for liquid samples. The spectrometer is controlled by a computer (right) and the results are printed on an inkjet printer (left).

Using the Scanning Spectrometer
Image 2
The sample compartment is in the middle of the spectrometer and opens by lifting the cover.
Image 3 Image 4

Sample cuvets are shaped like this. They have two opposite sides that are cloudy and two opposite sides that are transparent, for the light to pass through. Place your cuvet in the sample compartment, with the transparent sides aligned with the light path.

Image 5 Image 6

Your TA will measure the spectrum of a blank before you use the spectrometer and the software will automatically subract the blank absorbance at each wavelength. To measure your spectrum, you will use the computer mouse to select Start, from the buttons along the bottom of the screen.

Image 7
When your spectrum is finished, you can print it on the printer.
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