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Digital Spectrometer

A digital spectrometer measures the amount of visible light absorbed by a colored solution. This can be read as Absorbance or % Transmittance.

Setting Up the Spectrometer

First, check that the instrument is turned on. You will hear the fan and see light coming out of the right side of the instrument.

Image 1
Next press the A/T/C button to select Absorbance mode. The current mode appears on the display.
Image 2
Set the wavelength to the desired value using the nm and nm buttons. The wavelength is displayed on the LCD.
Image 3
Fill a curet with your blank solvent and dry the outside of the cuvet carefully.
Image 3
Insert your blank cuvet in the sample compartment and close the cover.
Image 3
Press 0 ABS/100% T to set the absorbance of the blank to zero.
Image 3
After a few moments the absorbance and wavelength will be displayed. The absorbance should be zero.
Image 3
Remove the blank and insert a dry sample cuvet.
Image 3
The absorbance value of the sample will now be shown on the LCD.
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