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Spectronic 20

A Spec 20 spectrometer measures the amount of visible light absorbed by a colored solution. This can be read as Absorbance or % Transmittance.

Move your cursor over the image for information about the instrument. Having trouble viewing the image? Help is here.

Setting Up the Spectrometer
Image 1
Check that the instrument is turned on. The left-hand knob should be turned clockwise. Allow 10 minutes for warming up.
Image 2
Set the wavelength to the desired value using the knob on the top.
Calibrating the Spectrometer
Image 3 Image 4

With empty, closed sample compartment, turn the left-hand knob to obtain a reading of 0% T.

Use the mirror behind the needle to avoid parallax error.

Use the arrow button below the image to view more about parallax error. Having trouble viewing the slideshow? Help is here.
Image 5
Wipe the cuvette with a dry Kimwipe to remove drops of solution or finger prints.
Image 6
Line up the mark on the cuvette with the line on the sample compartment.

Insert cuvette filled with solvent in the sample compartment.

Close the cover.
Image 7 Image 8

Turn the right-hand knob to obtain a reading of 100% T.

Using the Spectrometer
Image 10 Image 11

To analyze your sample, insert sample cuvette and read the Absorbance value on the scale. Use the mirror behind the needle to avoid parallax error.

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