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Quantitative Transfer

Quantitative Transfer simply means that allthe material to be transfered from one place to another must make the trip. For example, every particle of solid must be transferred from the weighing paper to the (clean) beaker.

Transfering a Solid
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This can be done be carefully tipping the creased weighing paper to pour the solid into the beaker. Tapping the paper with a spatula will knock particles into the beaker.

Image 3
Finally, the paper should be rinsed into the beaker, to remove all traces of the solid.
Transfering a Solution or Mixture
Image 4
If you are tranfering a solution or heterogeneous mixture to another vessel, rinse the container with solvent to be sure the transfer is quantitative. The rinsings should be transfered to the second vessel along with the rest of the mixture or solution.
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