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Image 1
A pipet is used to measure small amounts of solution very accurately. A pipet bulb is used to draw solution into the pipet.
Using a Pipet
Image 2
Start by squeezing the bulb in your preferred hand. Then place the bulb on the flat end of the pipet.
Image 3 Image 4

Place the tip of the pipet in the solution and release your grip on the bulb to pull solution into the pipet. Draw solution in above the mark on the neck of the pipet. If the volume of the pipet is larger than the volume of the pipet bulb, you may need to remove the bulb from the pipet and squeeze it and replace it on the pipet a second time, to fill the pipet volume completely.

Image 5 Image 6

Quickly, remove the pipet bulb and put your index finger on the end of the pipet. Gently release the seal made by your finger until the level of the solution meniscus exactlylines up with the mark on the pipet. Practice this with water until you are able to use the pipet and bulb consistently and accurately.

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