NOTE: You need to be using a Java-enabled browser to view this applet
Element Information
Click on an element in the table to get information for that element. Data are displayed below the table.

Coloring by Numbers
Use the shading control to shade the table according to the values of the physical properties of the elements. The color scale indicates the colors assigned to the relative values of the property being displayed along with the maximum and minimum values. The actual colors and degree of shading will depend upon the computer hardware and browser software being used. Shading by atomic number is displayed when the applet begins.

Jigsaw Puzzle
Pressing the "New Puzzle" button will scramble the elements. The object is to drag each element to its proper location in the table. Several different subsets of elements may be selected. Pressing the "Solve" button will cause the currently selected element to return to its proper location in the table. Pressing the "Solve All" sends all remaining puzzles pieces back to their proper locations.

Molar Mass Calculator
Click on the "Formula" check box to calculate molar masses for compounds. To enter an element in a compound, click on that element in the table. Use the digit and parentheses buttons to complete a formula. The formula entry blank does not accept keyboard input. You will have to use your pointing device (mouse) to "click out" the formula. The resulting formula mass is rounded to the precision of the least precise atomic mass.

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