NOTE: You need to be using a Java-enabled browser to view this applet.
Energy Levels Applet

The Energy Levels applet will appear to the left in a Java-enabled browser. This applet shows a diagram of the energy levels of a hydrogen atom, as calcuated by the Bohr equation.

Your goal is to construct the visible spectrum of hydrogen by selecting the energy transitions of the Balmer series.

Click on the initial energy level, hold the mouse button down, and drag the line that appears to the final level.

An arrow, energy change expression, and wavelength will appear.

If the transition you have selected is part of the Balmer Series, click the Add Line to Spectrum Button. The line will appear in the spectrum below the arrow.

If the transition you have selected is not in the visible portion of the spectrum, a line will not appear.

Find the four visible lines in the Balmer series, and check your results against the photos on the Procedure Overview page or the energy level diagram in the lab manual or textbook.