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Permanent lab section changes will be handled by the Registrar's Office until the deadline listed in the "Important Laboratory Information Handout". This deadline is during the first week of classes, between the start of classes and the start of labs. First preference for permanent changes in lab section is given to cases of a clear-cut academic conflict. The Registrar will also attempt to keep the sizes of each lab section approximately equal, so you may not get your first choice of new section.

Final assignments will be made through the Registrar's office. You are responsible for coming to the lab section to which you have been assigned. If your name does not appear on the Registrar's lists, or if you register late for this course, see your laboratory professor as soon as you can: Dr. Prasad (119 Burke).

Policy on Temporary Lab Section Changes
Chemistry laboratory is a regularly scheduled academic event and takes precedence over all other activities.

Situations that may justify a temporary lab section change:

• Illness or personal emergency severe enough to keep you from attending classes. You must submit a note from Dick's House or a Dean. If the illness has lasted a week or more, see your laboratory professor about possible special arrangements.

• College approved travel. Intercollegiate athletic competition and class field trips are the most common examples. Requests for a change because of "official" extracurricular activities must be accompanied by a note from a coach, professor, or Dean. No student will be allowed more than one temporary change for extracurricular activities, even if the request is strongly supported by a coach or professor.

Situations that never justify a temporary lab section change:

• An exam scheduled in another course outside that course's regular class time. You must arrange with the instructor of the course in question to take the exam at another time. This is Dartmouth College policy! If that instructor refuses to reschedule your exam, please contact your laboratory professor.

• Upcoming exams, papers, problem sets, or other academic work. Such pressures justify neither a lab section change nor an extension on the due date for chemistry laboratory reports. Plan ahead, schedule your time carefully, and keep up with your course work.

• Any and all social event conflicts. These include intramural athletic events, athletic banquets, fraternity or sorority affairs, etc.

• Athletic practices. You will not be excused for regularly scheduled or special practices.

Temporary Lab Section Change Form


Week of missed lab:
Week to make up lab:
Experiment to make up:
Regular TA:
Regular lab section:
1st choice for new section:
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Reason for change:

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