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Cleanliness PointsCleanliness Points

Poor housekeeping can contribute to accidents in the lab, and it is your responsibility to keep the lab clean and safe. You will be sharing glassware and equipment with students in other lab sections, so it is common courtesy to clean up your area when you are done. Your TA will check to make sure you have cleaned up your equipment and chemicals at the end of each lab before you can leave.

Each week you must clean up your lab area and make sure your lab drawer is set up correctly. You will lose points each week if your lab drawer and bench are not left clean. If your area is clean, including the lab bench and sink, and your glassware drawer is inventoried, with missing items replaced and extra items removed, you will not lose any points from your lab write up for the week. If your area is not completely clean, you will lose points. There is no partial credit.
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