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Acids and Bases
Concentrated acids and bases can burn skin and clothing. Be careful not to spill. If spills do occur, rinse copiously with water.

Disposable gloves are available in the laboratory in a variety of sizes. Gloves provide only a temporary layer of protection and are permeable to some substances. If your gloves begin to discolor or deteriorate or if you spill acid on your gloves, remove them immediately, wash your hands and get a new pair.

Image 1Fumes
To avoid build up of H2S, hot water baths should be placed directly at the inlet of the exhaust vent.

Eye Protection
Goggles must be worn at all times in the laboratory. Do not remove them until you leave the room.

Mechanical Injury/Broken glass
Turn off the switch and wait for the centrifuge to stop turning before opening it. If a centrifuge is not properly balanced, test tubes can come out of their slots and break.

Waste Disposal
All solutions and precipitates must be disposed of in the labeled waste drums. You can collect waste in a beaker and discard it in the waste drum at the end of the lab period.
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