An experiment submitted to ChemJOULE for consideration is expected to have been implemented at the author's home institution. Initially, an abstract of the experiment may be transmitted directly by completing a preformatted HTML outline available from the Editor and the full manuscript submitted by e-mail. Since most of the submissions are expected to describe open-ended projects, the author must include at least one application of the experimental principle with the following information:

Submitted experiments will be peer reviewed. Abstracts for all experiments that adhere to the general guidelines and are acceptable to the reviewers will be posted. The full experiment will be available by request from faculty interested in "testing" the procedure. Alternatively, authors may arrange for their own tester. The report of the tester will be appended to the full manuscript and made available in the journal. It will then be available for those who wish to modify the original concept with their own student and/or instructor input and use it in a laboratory class or undergraduate research project. Comments from subsequent adopters will be reviewed and, in most cases, appended to the full experiment. In this way, the experiment becomes a continually evolving resource to a large number of institutions. Authors agree to work with those who adopt their experiments to improve and expand the scope of the exercise and to correct any errors or problems that arise based on the users experience.

Currently, authors may submit abstracts in any of the following formats:

If you have any questions or comments about this submission process, you can send us mail.

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