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James J. Worman

Editor-in-Chief and Organic Chemistry Editor

B.S. (1961) Moravian College
M.S. (1964) New Mexico Highlands University
Ph.D. (1968) University of Wyoming

Dr. Worman is a Visiting Prof. of Chemistry, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York 14623. His current research interests include organic synthesis, spectroscopic properties of organic molecules, chemistry of fossil fuels, forensic chemistry, and chemistry and the environment. Dr. Worman has also been working at redesigning and improving the organic laboratory for undergraduate chemistry students, as well as improving public education regarding the role of science in society.

Joseph J. BelBruno

General and Physical Chemistry Editor

B.S. (1974) Seton Hall University
Ph.D. (1980) Rutgers University

Dr. BelBruno is a professor of chemistry at Dartmouth College. His educational research interests include chemical kinetics; laser photochemistry and sensitive, laser-based spectroscopic techniques; mass spectroscopy; materials chemistry; and computational chemistry. Dr. BelBruno's current projects include developing modern experiments for the general chemistry and physical chemistry laboratories, especially those involving lasers and computers; development of an integrated curriculum for the first-year science major; and introduction of symbolic mathematics software into the undergraduate curriculum.

David A. Nelson

Organic Chemistry Editor

S.B. (1953) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S. (1955) University of Rhode Island
Ph.D. (1960) University of New Hampshire

Dr. Nelson is a professor of chemistry at the University of Wyoming. His research interests include organic synthesis, synthesis and spectroscopy of 3-substituted-2-(1H)pyridones, and synthesis of substituted EDTA chelating agents. Dr. Nelson is also working on the development of small-scale synthetic methodology using supported reagents and gas chromatography mini-reactors for the undergraduate laboratory, use of HPLC for the organic laboratory, and use of the computer to disseminate educational tools.

William P. Jensen

Inorganic Chemistry Editor

B. Chem. (1959) University Of Minnesota
M.S. (1962) University of Iowa
Ph.D. (1964) University of Iowa

Dr. Jensen is a professor of chemistry at South Dakota State University. His research interests include coordination chemistry, complex ions involving distorted geometries and single crystal x-ray diffraction structure determination. He is currently freshman laboratory coordinator and interested in projects to improve laboratory instruction at the high school and general chemistry levels.

David H. Blank

Biochemistry Editor

B.S. (1986) Albright College
M.Sc. (1988) Saint Joseph's University

Mr. Blank is currently a chemistry graduate student in the research group of Gordon W. Gribble at Dartmouth College. His research interests include organic synthesis of new isoindoles and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. He has worked at Pfizer Central Research, Monell Chemical Sences Center, and has been an adjunct instructor of chemistry at Keene State College, where he tought biochemistry. David is currently responsible for the maintenance of this page.

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