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ChemJOULE is a forum for the publication of new undergraduate laboratory experiments. The submission of manuscripts describing open-ended laboratory projects is encouraged. Submissions are peer reviewed and tested prior to final publication. The journal is intended to be interactive. Comments and suggestions by those who adopt the exercises are welcome and appear in parallel with the published work.

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These experiments are designed to be used in college and university level chemistry laboratory courses, and assume the availability of routine supplies, equipment, and instrumentation usually associated with organic chemistry laboratory courses, as well as an appropriate modern level of supervision, safety training, personal protective equipment, and other safety facilities. Any users of these procedures assume all responsibility for the safe handling of hazardous chemicals and procedures. In any event the authors, webmasters, The University of Wyoming , Rochester Institute of Technology, or Dartmouth College shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages in connection with, or arising out of, the furnishing, performance, or use of these procedures.

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