Using Amberlyst A-15. To 0.7 g of Amberlyst A-15 in a 25 mL rb flask was added a solution of 0.12 mL (1mmole) of 1-methylcyclohexanol in 1.5 mL of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). The flask was placed on a rotary evaporator and heated gently until no liquid MTBE was evident and the A-15 was a free flowing powder. The resin-supported 1-methylcyclohexanol was transferred to an 8 mL SPE reservior and placed in a small beaker into the microwave oven. The heating protocol used was heat 10 sec, cool 3 min (repeat 5 times), heat 10 sec, cool 1 min (repeat 6 times) for a total heating time of 2 min and 10 sec. The protocol kept the temperature between 40 and 70 degrees C. After the last cooling the tube was gravity eluted with 1 mL of MTBE and analyzed by G.C.



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