Using Montmorillonite K-10. To 2.0 g of K-10 in a 25 mL rb flask was added a solution of 0.12 mL (1mmole) of 1-methylcyclohexanol in 3 mL of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). The flask was placed on a rotary evaporator and warmed gently until the MTBE appeared evaporated and the clay was a free flowing powder. After transferring 1.5 g of the K-10 supported methylcyclohexanol to an 8 mL SPE reservoir with a bottom frit, it was placed in a small beaker into the microwave oven and heated according to the following protocol: Full power 20 sec, cool 30 sec, heat 20 sec, cool 1 min, heat 20 sec, cool 2 min, repeat the 20 sec heat/2 min, cool 5 more times. The reservoir contents were eluted with 2 mL MTBE using a vacuum manifold or filter flask and analysed by G.C.