The Hydrogen Molecular Ion

The two QuickTime animations on this page suplement the discussion of bonding in the hydrogen molecular ion on pages 507 through 511. They show the bonding and nonbonding wavefunctions for the ground state configuration of the ion.

Use the controls at the bottom of the movies to start and stop them (or just double-click the movie itself). The movies play forward and backward until you stop them. You can also drag the progress slider on the control bar to step from frame to frame. Pay attention to the shapes of the wavefuntions as the internuclear distance changes and the way these shapes correlate with the energies of the two wavefunctions. (The black dot on the energy curves locate the current internuclear separation on the appropriate energy curve.)

<p>Movie of the g symmetry molecular orbital.</p>

<p>Movie of the u symmetry molecular orbital.</p>

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