Chem 81 - Text Extras

This page takes you to any of the pages that feature interactive discussions of various topics or figures in the text. You need the LiveMath plug-in to use them, as discussed on the Plug-ins page. The calendar pages also take you to specific text-extra pages so that you can visit those relevant to a particular day's lecture. Click on the icon in the calendars.

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List of Available Topics:

  1. Mixing wavefunctions
  2. One-dimensional models: free particle and particle-in-a-box
  3. Two-dimensional particle-in-a-box
  4. Classical harmonic oscillator
  5. Quantum harmonic oscillator
  6. Angular momentum: spherical harmonic functions
  7. Hydrogen atom angular wavefunctions for chemists
  8. Hydrogen atom radial distribution function
  9. Hydrogen molecular ion orbitals
  10. H3 molecular orbitals
  11. Hybrid orbitals
  12. Diatomic vibration-rotation spectra
  13. Symmetry effects in vibration-rotation spectra
  14. The chemical bond potential energy function
  15. Triatomic normal modes of vibration
  16. NMR spectral simulation

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