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This course is no longer offered, but this site will remain active as an archive.

Current physical chemistry courses have their own web sites. Contact the instructor for details.

This is the entry page to various resources you will need during the term. You can return to this page from any other in this site if you click on the Chem 81 icon, a rainbow connecting an atom to a molecule. This icon represents the themes of the course: understanding atoms, molecules, and their interaction with light through quantum theory.

The links below take you to a general course info page, monthly course calendars, lab information pages, homework information, exam information, and a series of pages (Text Extras) that allow you to explore topics in more detail than the text or lectures alone can do. You will need some specific plug-ins for your browser to take advantage of all the features of this site. The plug-ins button will take you to a page with more information on these plug-ins and links to external sites for them. They are all free!

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