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Are You at Risk for an Eating Disorder?

Check the statements that are true:

  • Even though people tell me I'm thin, I feel fat.
  • I get anxious if I can't exercise.
  • I worry about what I eat.
  • If I gain weight, I get anxious and depressed.
  • I feel guilty when I eat.
  • I would rather die than be fat.
  • I would rather eat by myself than with family or friends.
  • I don't talk about my fear of being fat -- no one understands.
  • I have a secret stash of food.
  • When I eat, I'm afraid I won't be able to stop.
  • I lie about what I eat.
  • I get anxious when people urge me to eat.
  • Sometimes I think that my eating or exercising is not normal.

Number of "true" statements*

1-3: You have a mild preoccupation with weight and appearance. Re-evaluate. Don't lose control.
4-6: Reason for concern. Check with a health professional.
7+: You could be in danger. Get an evaluation with a health professional as soon as possible.
--Adapted from the Los Angeles Times

*No matter what your score, if any of the following are true, consult a health care professional as soon as possible:

  • purging more than 3 times a day
  • amenorrhea
  • use of ipecac (induces vomiting) or abuse of laxatives
  • loss of 15% of your weight

Use ourĀ self-assessment for a more extensive evaluation.

Last Updated: 10/2/08