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Consultation and Multicultural Services

We are committed to providing accessible and competent multicultural services to our students.

We are very active in providing outreach to groups on campus. Outreach and discussions are tailored to the individual interests of the group and often focus on a particular counseling related topic, preventative strategies or available resources.

We consult by advising student groups, serving on panels, and speaking at presentations on issues of importance to the community. When a crisis occurs, we meet with affected community members to provide support and group facilitation.

Please contact our office at 603-646-9442 if you are interested in having us do a presentation.

We value the uniqueness and diversity of all students.  We are dedicated to creating an environment where all students feel welcome.

Cultural competence in the delivery of services is important to the psychological well-being of all students. Each student's identity is influenced by many factors - family upbringing, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation.  Since many of these identities are learned early in life, they work as a lens for interpreting, understanding, experiencing and participating in the world as well as a way of connecting with an identifying with others.  All CHD clinicians strive to obtain an understanding of the ways in which these experiences may relate to a student's presenting concerns.

Last Updated: 7/25/14