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Group counseling provides a supportive environment in which students can talk confidentially with other students who share the same concerns or experiences. A group can be a great source of feedback, support, and share creative ideas for how to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges. The clinicians at Counseling & Human Development make every effort to offer therapy groups to undergraduate and graduate students. The ideal size for a therapy group is approximately seven or eight members. However, we realize that that is not always possible. Therefore, if we have at least four students interested in a group, we make every effort to organize and run the group. Listed below are the groups that are running this term. If you are interested in the below identified group(s), please call our office at 603-646-9442.

Understanding Self and Others 

For more information or questions regarding groups, please contact Todd Lindsley at 603-646-9442 or e-mail




Last Updated: 10/3/17