Stories by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav: The Treasure

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Stories by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav (Breslov) :

The Treasure under the bridge

Once a Jewish inhabitant of Austria saw in his dream that under a bridge in the city of Vienna a valuable treasure lay buried. He journeyed there, stood on the bridge and wondered what to do, as it was impossible to search by day in case people saw him searching and realized that there was something going on.

By the by, a soldier crossed the bridge, saw the Jew standing and wondering, and asked him:
'What are you doing here and what are you looking for?'

The Jew thought about it, and told his secret to the soldier, asking him to help him search for the treasure so that they might share it 50/50 when they found it.

But the soldier replied: 'I feel sorry for you, you crazy dreamer! I also dreamed that a valuable treasure lay buried in the cellar of such and such a Jew in such and such a town, but am I going to set off on a journey there?!'

The name of the Jew was this man's name, and the town he had named was his home town!

Whereupon the Jew took a wagon hitched to two sturdy horses and hastened to journey to his town, went down to his cellar, and there discovered the treasure.

At the sight of it, the Jew declared:
'Now this mystery has been revealed to me. The treasure had always lain buried in my house, but I had to leave my town and wander far far away to Vienna in order there to discover it in my house.'

The meaning of the parable is this: The fear of God is a buried treasure concealed in the heart of every one of us, but one has to journey to the Tzaddik to discover it.

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