Introducing IPS Supported Employment

  • 3 Faces, 3 Lives
  • Three people talk about their return to work along with their employers, employment specialists and others.  This video may be viewed with English or Spanish subtitles.
  • It’s My Business
  • Employers talk about their experiences hiring people through IPS supported employment programs.  This video may be viewed with English or Spanish subtitles.
  • Introduction
  • This video provides an overview of the IPS supported employment approach and may be viewed in English or Spanish.
  • Partners
  • This video describes the Johnson & Johnson-Dartmouth Community  Mental Health Program, including the program’s emphasis on a partnership between state Vocational Rehabilitation and mental health services. 
  • Oregon Partners
  • Describes how VR and mental health have partnered in Oregon to provide IPS supported employment services.
  • Face 2 Face
  • Employment specialists talk about job development strategies and how they work with employers over time.

IPS Supported Employment Skills


Deborah Becker describes the IPS supported employment practice principles.  This DVD also includes information about the phases of the employment process and the role of various practitioners in IPS supported employment: referral, engagement, benefits counseling, assessment, job finding, job supports, mental health team meeting, psychiatrist’s role, team leader’s role, employment unit meeting with VR counselor, employment specialists.

IPS Supported Employment Strategies That Work

This video includes an introduction by Robert Drake and demonstration videos about job development, the vocational profile, and helping people who have co-occurring disorders

SE in Oregon: A Model of Success

Y Should I Hire Someone with Mental Illness

Employers make a business case for hiring good employees who also happen to have a mental illness.

IPS - Successful Supported Employment Fidelity Reviews