MARD Analysis


MARD is a method to identify substantially perturbed genes in a treatment and control time course microarray data.



R Package R package for MARD analysis (windows version).

C++ Program

qmard.exe  Program executable in Microsoft Windows system. The program is coded in C++ and complied with Visual Studio 6.0.

document Read me file for the above program.

sample data The calcium  ion response data used in the paper.

sample job file The sample job decription file for calcium ion response data. See the document for detail.



MARD: a new method to detect differential gene expression in treatment-control time courses. Cheng C, Ma X, Yan X, Sun F, Li LM. Bioinformatics. 2006 Nov 1;22(21):2650-7. [Pubmed]



Chao Cheng   

Lei Li