Software and Tools

REACTIN (C++ program): Identify transcription factors underlying human diseases by integrating the ChIP-seq with the case-control expression data

MARD (R package): A network based method to identified differentially expressed genes in two microarray time course data sets

BASE (C++ program): Infer transcription factor activities based on gene expression data

MIR (C++ program): Infer microRNA activities based on gene expression data

IDEA (R code): An integrative approach for predicting new candidate drugs for breast cancer

HirNet (R code): Infer hierarchical structure of directed networks


Databases and Webservers

TIP: A webserver for identifying transcription factor target genes from ChIP-seq/ChIP-chip data

DPRP: A database of phenotype-specific regulatory programs derived from transcription factor binding data










Last updated: Jun 1, 2013