Chao Cheng

Assistant Pofessor in Department of Genetics at Dartmouth College

He got his Ph.D. in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at University of Southern California in 2007. He also has a M.S. degree in Molecular Genetics and a M.S. degree in Statistics.

Current Members

Name Position Year
Chao Cheng Assistant Pofessor 2012-
Shaoke Lou Postdoc Associate 2014-
Matthew Ung Ph.D Student in Molecular and Cellular Biology Program 2013-
Sari Khaleel M.D Student 2013-
Erik Andrews M.D Student 2013-
Frederick Varn Rotation Student from MCB Program Spring, 2014
Balint Kacsoh Rotation Student from MCB Program Spring, 2014
Yachen Sun Undergradate Student 2014-
Alexandra Dalton Undergradate Student 2014-











Last updated: Jun 1, 2013