The 1994 salaries of all major league baseball players as reported in USA Today on April 5, 1994. Salaries include pro-rated signing bonuses.

Team             	Player         	     Position	  Salary
Baltimore Orioles	Rafael Palmeiro  	1b	5406603
Baltimore Orioles	Cal Ripken          	ss	5400000
Baltimore Orioles	Mike Devereaux  	of	3375000
Baltimore Orioles	Sid Fernandez p   	(DL)	3333333
Baltimore Orioles	Brady Anderson  	of	3083333
Baltimore Orioles	Ben McDonalo    	p	2675000
Baltimore Orioles	Chris Sabo           	3b	2000000
Baltimore Orioles	Chris Hoiles         	c	2000000
Baltimore Orioles	Harold Baines      	of	1800000
Baltimore Orioles	Lee Smith            	p	1500000
Baltimore Orioles	Mark McLemore        	2b	1000000
Baltimore Orioles	Mike Mussina      	p	750000
Baltimore Orioles	Lonnie Smith       	of	750000
Baltimore Orioles	Jamie Moyer        	p	725000
Baltimore Orioles	Tim Hulett           	if	550000
Baltimore Orioles	Mark Eichhorn    	p	525000
Baltimore Orioles	Leo Gomez          	if	500000
Baltimore Orioles	Alan Mills            	p	500000
Baltimore Orioles	Mark Wilhamson       	p	350000
Baltimore Orioles	Jim Poole             	p	270000
Baltimore Orioles	Arthur Rhodes     	p	230000
Baltimore Orioles	Jeff Tackett          	c	162500
Baltimore Orioles	Jeffrey Hammonds 	of	150000
Baltimore Orioles	Jack Voigt           	of	150000
Baltimore Orioles	Damon Buford    	of	130000
Baltimore Orioles	Brad Pennington    	p	130000
Baltimore Orioles	Pauf Carey   	     if/of (DL)	115000
Baltimore Orioles	Manny Alexander 	ss (DL)	109000
Boston Red Sox	Roger Clemens   	p	5155250
Boston Red Sox	Andre Dawson    	of	4425000
Boston Red Sox	Frank Viola         	p	4333334
Boston Red Sox	Mike Greenwell   	of	3325000
Boston Red Sox	Otis Nixon           	of	3250000
Boston Red Sox	Danny Darwin    	p	2650000
Boston Red Sox	Jeff Russell         	p	2175000
Boston Red Sox	Joe Hesketh        	p	1750000
Boston Red Sox	Greg Harris        	p	1725000
Boston Red Sox	Scott Bankhead. 	p	1450000
Boston Red Sox	David Valle        	c	1200000
Boston Red Sox	Mo Vaughn        	1b	675000
Boston Red Sox	Billy Hatcher      	of	650000
Boston Red Sox	Scott Fletcher     	ss	525000
Boston Red Sox	Damon Berryhill    	c	500000
Boston Red Sox	Sctt Cooper         	3b	475000
Boston Red Sox	Tony Fossas        	p	450000
Boston Red Sox	John Valentin      	ss	370000
Boston Red Sox	Tim Naehnng      	ss	300000
Boston Red Sox	Paul Quantrill     	p	235000
Boston Red Sox	Aaron Sele          	p	190000
Boston Red Sox	Rick Trlicek        	p	165000
Boston Red Sox	Rich Rowland     	c	142500
Boston Red Sox	Greg Blosser       	of	109000
Boston Red Sox	Lee Tinsley         	of	109000
California Angels	Chuck Finley       	p 	3875000
California Angels	Mark Langston    	p	3550000
California Angels	Chlli Davis          	of	2400000
California Angels	Joe Magrane        	p (DL)	1500000
California Angels	Spike Owen        	ss	1250000
California Angels	Bo Jackson         	of	1000000
California Angels	Joseph Grahe      	p	925000
California Angels	Dwight Smith     	of	700000
California Angels	Greg Myers        	c	700000
California Angels	Chad Curtis        	of	600000
California Angels	Tim Saimon        	of	600000
California Angels	Gary DiSarcina   	ss	400000
California Angels	John Dopson       	p	400000
California Angels	Craig Leflerts      	p	400000
California Angels	Bob Panerson      	p	400000
California Angels	Mark Leiter         	p	300000
California Angels	Rex Hudler         	if	275000
California Angels	Harold Reynolds 	2b	230000
California Angels	Bill Sampan        	p	225000
California Angels	Damion Ea.siey   	ss	170000
California Angels	Scott Lewis         	p	155000
California Angels	Mike Butcher      	p	150000
California Angels	Eduaroo Perez     	1b	135000
California Angels	Chris Turner       	c	125000
California Angels	Jim Edmonds      	of	117500
California Angels	Phil Leftwich      	p	109000
Chicago White Sox	Jack McDowell    	p	5300000
Chicago White Sox	Tim Raines          	of	3650000
Chicago White Sox	Robin Ventura     	3b	3500000
Chicago White Sox	Steve Sax   	     if/of (DL)	3475000
Chicago White Sox	Lance Johnson      	of	2666667
Chicago White Sox	Paul Assenmacher 	p	2583334
Chicago White Sox	Frank Thomas      	1b	2500000
Chicago White Sox	Kirk McCaskill     	p	2133334
Chicago White Sox	Ozzie Guillen       	ss	2100000
Chicago White Sox	Dan Pasqua          	of	1750000
Chicago White Sox	Ron Karkovice    	c	1429167
Chicago White Sox	Scott Radinsky    	p	1150000
Chicago White Sox	Julio Franco         	2b/DH	1000000
Chicago White Sox	Darrin Jackson    	of	750000
Chicago White Sox	Alex Fernandez   	p	748334
Chicago White Sox	Craig Grebeck     	if	660000
Chicago White Sox	Joey Cora            	2b	625000
Chicago White Sox	Jose DeLeon        	p	575000
Chicago White Sox	Scott Sanderson   	p	300000
Chicago White Sox	Dennis Cook        	p	275000
Chicago White Sox	Roberto Hernandez 	p	275000
Chicago White Sox	Wilson Alvarez    	p	265000
Chicago White Sox	Warren Newson   	of	175000
Chicago White Sox	Jason Bere           	p	160000
Chicago White Sox	Jeff Schwarz        	p	150000
Chicago White Sox	Mike LaValliere  	c	109000
Chicago White Sox	Joe Hall              	of	109000
Cleveland Indians	Dennis Martinez    	p	4500000
Cleveland Indians	Eddie Murray       	dh/1b	3000000
Cleveland Indians	Albert Belle          	of	2600000
Cleveland Indians	Omar Vizquel       	ss	2300000
Cleveland Indians	Sandy Alomar      	c	2200000
Cleveland Indians	Carios Baerga       	2b	2200000
Cleveland Indians	Candy Maldonado 	of	1650000
Cleveland Indians	Derek Lilliquist     	p	1350000
Cleveland Indians	Charles Nagy        	p	1241667
Cleveland Indians	Chris Nabholz      	p	950000
Cleveland Indians	Stove Farr             	p	900000
Cleveland Indians	Kenny Lofton       	of	875000
Cleveland Indians	Paul Sorrento    	1b	675000
Cleveland Indians	Eric Plunk      	p	625000
Cleveland Indians	Jose Mesa           	p	600000
Cleveland Indians	Alvaro Espinoza  	ss	450000
Cleveland Indians	Tony Pena          	c	400000
Cleveland Indians	Russ Swan          	p	400000
Cleveland Indians	Jack Morris      	p	350000
Cleveland Indians	Jim Thome          	3b	325000
Cleveland Indians	Wayne Kirby     	of	190000
Cleveland Indians	Mark Lewis       	ss	182500
Cleveland Indians	Mark Clark         	p	141000
Cleveland Indians	Matt Turner        	p	139000
Cleveland Indians	Jerry DiPoto        	p (DL)	135000
Cleveland Indians	Manny Ramirez   	of	111000
Detroit Tigers	Cecil Fielder    	1b	4237500
Detroit Tigers	Tim Belcher        	p	3400000
Detroit Tigers	Mike Moore        	p	3333334
Detroit Tigers	Alan Trammell   	s	3000000
Detroit Tigers	Eric Davis      	of	3000000
Detroit Tigers	Lou Whitaker      	2b	2783333
Detroit Tigers	David Wells        	p	2500000
Detroit Tigers	Bill Gullickson    	p	2400000
Detroit Tigers	Travis Fryman     	ss	2400000
Detroit Tigers	Tony Phillips    	2b	2366667
Detroit Tigers	Mickey Tettleton   	c	1833334
Detroit Tigers	Kirk Gibson         	of	1500000
Detroit Tigers	Mike Henneman    	p	1333333
Detroit Tigers	Bill Krueger    	p	1300000
Detroit Tigers	Chad Kreuter    	c	1000000
Detroit Tigers	Storm Davis         	p	800000
Detroit Tigers	Joe Boever           	p	800000
Detroit Tigers	Scott Livingstone 	3b	365000
Detroit Tigers	John Doherty    	p	350000
Detroit Tigers	Junior Felix    	of	350000
Detroit Tigers	Juan Samuel        	2b	300000
Detroit Tigers	Milt Cuyler          	of	275000
Detroit Tigers	Mike Gardiner.    	p	150000
Detroit Tigers	Chris Gomez       	ss	140000
Detroit Tigers	Danny Bautista    	of	125000
Kansas City Royals	David Cone         	p	5000000
Kansas City Royals	Wally Joyner       	1b	4600000
Kansas City Royals	Kevin Appier      	p	3300000
Kansas City Royals	Vince Coleman   	of	3312500
Kansas City Royals	Jeff Montgcmery 	p	3166667
Kansas City Royals	Greg Gagne         	ss	2966667
Kansas City Royals	Tom Gordon        	p	2635000
Kansas City Royals	Mike Macfarlane 	c	2600000
Kansas City Royals	Jose Und        	2b	2350000
Kansas City Royals	Felix Jose       	of (DL)	1950000
Kansas City Royals	Brian McRae       	of	1900000
Kansas City Royals	Stan Belinda       	p	1600000
Kansas City Royals	Dave Henderson      	of	750000
Kansas City Royals	Keith Miller        	3b (DL)	700000
Kansas City Royals	Mark Gubicza     	p	550000
Kansas City Royals	Brent Mayne       	c	500000
Kansas City Royals	Hubie Brooks      	of	350000
Kansas City Royals	Hipolito Pichardo 	p	295000
Kansas City Royals	David Howard      	ss	220000
Kansas City Royals	lelry Shumpert     	2b	205000
Kansas City Royals	Chris Haney         	p	193000
Kansas City Royals	Mike Magnante    	p	180000
Kansas City Royals	Billy Brewcr         	p	165000
Kansas City Royals	Tom Goodwin      	of	143500
Kansas City Royals	Kevin Koslofski   	of	130000
Kansas City Royals	Bob Hamelin        	1b	110000
Kansas City Royals	Gary Gaetti          	3b	109000
Milwaukee Brewers	Teddy Higuera     	p	3500000
Milwaukee Brewers	Greg Vaughn       	of	3000000
Milwaukee Brewers	Jaime Navarro      	p	2400000
Milwaukee Brewers	Bill Wegman        	p	2375000
Milwaukee Brewers	B.J. Surhoff         	of (DL)	2372013
Milwaukee Brewers	Darryl Hamilton  	of	1800000
Milwaukee Brewers	Tom Brunansky   	of	1100000
Milwaukee Brewers	Brian Harper        	of	1000000
Milwaukee Brewers	Jesse Orosco         	p	700000
Milwaukee Brewers	Kevin Seitzer       	3b	650000
Milwaukee Brewers	Bob Scanlan        	p	500000
Milwaukee Brewers	Pat Listach           	ss	500000
Milwaukee Brewers	Mike Fetters        	p	400000
Milwaukee Brewers	Cal Eldred           	p	375000
Milwaukee Brewers	Jody Reed            	if	350000
Milwaukee Brewers	Biil Spiers            	if	350000
Milwaukee Brewers	Ricky Bones        	p	325000
Milwaukee Brewers	John Jaha             	1b	226000
Milwaukee Brewers	Dave Nilsson      	c	182500
Milwaukee Brewers	Doug Henry        	p (DL)	180000
Milwaukee Brewers	Turner Ward       	of	160000
Milwaukee Brewers	Graeme Lioyd    	p	152000
Milwaukee Brewers	Jeff Bronkey       	p	114000
Milwaukee Brewers	Jose Valentin      	ss	113000
Milwaukee Brewers	Alex Diaz           	of	112000
Milwaukee Brewers	Angel Miranda   	p (DL)	112000
Milwaukee Brewers	Jose Mercedes    	p (DL)	109000
Milwaukee Brewers	Mike Matheny    	c	109000
Milwaukee Brewers	Mark Klefer        	p	109000
Minnesota Twins	Kirby Puckett     	of	5200000
Minnesota Twins	Shane Mack       	of	3250000
Minnesota Twins	Rick Aguilera    	p	3210000
Minnesota Twins	Kent Hrbek        	1b	3100000
Minnesota Twins	Dave Winfield    	of	2725000
Minnesota Twins	Kevin Tapani      	p	2575000
Minnesota Twins	Chuck Knoblauch 	2b	1550000
Minnesota Twins	Scott Erickson    	p	1325000
Minnesota Twins	Mark Guthrie     	p	875000
Minnesota Twins	Pedro Munoz     	of	590000
Minnesota Twins	Jim Deshaies     	p	575000
Minnesota Twins	Carl Willis         	p	500000
Minnesota Twins	Bcott Leius        	ss	275000
Minnesota Twins	Alex Cole          	of	250000
Minnesota Twins	Larry Casian      	p	180000
Minnesota Twins	Mike Trombley        	p	175000
Minnesota Twins	Jeff Reboulet      	if	162500
Minnesota Twins	Pat Meares         	ss	160000
Minnesota Twins	Chip Hale           	if	150000
Minnesota Twins	Dave McCarty    	of	130000
Minnesota Twins	Pat Mahomes     	p	126000
Minnesota Twins	Derek Parks        	c	116000
Minnesota Twins	Matt Walbeck     	c	115000
Minnesota Twins	Carlos Pulido      	p	109000
Minnesota Twins	Rich Becker        	of	109000
Minnesota Twins	Keith Garagozzo   	p	109000
New York Yankees	Jimmy Key         	p	5250000
New York Yankees	Danny Tartabull  	of	4550000
New York Yankees	Don Mattingly     	1b	4020000
New York Yankees	Paul O'Neill        	of	3833334
New York Yankees	Melido Perez       	p	3450000
New York Yankees	Terry Mulholland 	p	3350000
New York Yankees	Wade Boggs       	3b	3100000
New York Yankees	Jim Abbott          	p	2775000
New York Yankees	Matt Nokes         	c	2500000
New York Yankees	Steve Howe        	p	1900000
New York Yankees	Mike Gallego      	ss	1575000
New York Yankees	Xavier Hernandez 	p	1525000
New York Yankees	Luis Polonia        	of	1500000
New York Yankees	Randy Velarde    	ss	1125000
New York Yankees	Pat Kelly             	2b	810000
New York Yankees	Jim Leyritz          	c	742500
New York Yankees	Mike Stanley       	c	512500
New York Yankees	Donn Pall            	p	500000
New York Yankees	Daryl Boston      	of	400000
New York Yankees	Paul Gibson        	p DL	250000
New York Yankees	Jeff Reardon        	p	250000
New York Yankees	Scott Kamieniecki 	p	235000
New York Yankees	Bemie Williams    	of	225000
New York Yankees	Rob Wickman       	p	180000
New York Yankees	Gerald Williams    	f	115000
New York Yankees	Sterling Hitchcock  	p	112000
Oakland Athletics	Rickey Henderson 	of	4800000
Oakland Athletics	Ruben Sierra         	of	4700000
Oakland Athletics	Dennis Eckersley  	p	3750000
Oakland Athletics	Eob Welch            	p	3450000
Oakland Athletics	Boboy Witt           	p	3250000
Oakland Athletics	Mark McGwire    	1b	3000000
Oakland Athletics	Terry Steinbach    	c	2800000
Oakland Athletics	Ron Darling          	p	2250000
Oakland Athletics	Mike Bordick       	ss	1050000
Oakland Athletics	Stan Javier            	of	600000
Oakland Athletics	Lance Blankenship  	of DL	550000
Oakland Athletics	Edwin Nunez       	p	430000
Oakland Athletics	Mike Aldrete        	1b-of	430000
Oakland Athletics	Todd Van Poppel  	p	397000
Oakland Athletics	Troy Neel             	of	225000
Oakland Athletics	Scott Hemond       	c	210000
Oakland Athletics	Brent Gates           	of	190000
Oakland Athletics	Bcott Brosius        	if	155000
Oakland Athletics	Billy Taylor          	p	132500
Oakland Athletics	Steve Ontiveros    	p	120000
Oakland Athletics	Junior Noboa        	if	120000
Oakland Athletics	Steve Karsay        	p	119000
Oakland Athletics	John Briscoe         	p	114000
Oakland Athletics	Geronimo Berroa  	of	109000
Oakland Athletics	Carios Reyes        	p	109000
Oakland Athletics	Dave Righetti       	p	109000
Seattle Mariners	Ken Griffey Jr.     	of	5000000
Seattle Mariners	Jay Buhner           	of	4350000
Seattle Mariners	Chris Boslo          	p	4000000
Seattle Mariners	Edgar Martinez    	3b	3316667
Seattle Mariners	Randy Johnson    	p	3275000
Seattle Mariners	Greg Hibbard       	p	1250000
Seattle Mariners	Eric Anthony       	of	1100000
Seattle Mariners	Felix Fermin        	ss	1050000
Seattle Mariners	Mackey Sasser     	c	585000
Seattle Mariners	Dave Fleming      	p	505000
Seattle Mariners	Ted Power           	p DL	500000
Seattle Mariners	Tino Martinez     	1b	500000
Seattle Mariners	Mike Blowers     	3b	300000
Seattle Mariners	Jeff Nelson         	p	250000
Seattle Mariners	Reggb Jefferson  	1b	240000
Seattle Mariners	Rich Amaral       	if	232500
Seattle Mariners	Bobby Thigpen   	p	200000
Seattle Mariners	Bobby Ayala       	p	180000
Seattle Mariners	Bill Haselman      	c	175000
Seattle Mariners	Torey Lovullo     	if	165000
Seattle Mariners	Keith Mitchell     	of	125000
Seattle Mariners	Dan Wilson          	c	125000
Seattle Mariners	Brian Turang        	ss DL	116000
Seattle Mariners	John Cummings   	p	114000
Seattle Mariners	Kevin King          	p	109000
Seattle Mariners	Tim Davis           	p	109000
Texas Rangers  	Jose Canseco       	dh/of	5100000
Texas Rangers  	Kevin Brown       	p	4225000
Texas Rangers  	Will Clark           	1b	3825972
Texas Rangers  	Tom Henke         	p	3752625
Texas Rangers  	Juan Gonzalez     	of	3400000
Texas Rangers  	Kenny Rogers      	p	2300000
Texas Rangers  	Manuel Lee         	ss	1300000
Texas Rangers  	Jack Armstrong   	p	1150000
Texas Rangers  	Cris Carpenter     	p	1000000
Texas Rangers  	Rick Honeycutt   	p	900000
Texas Rangers  	Jay Howell           	p	805000
Texas Rangers  	Gary Redus          	1b	500000
Texas Rangers  	Chris James         	of	500000
Texas Rangers  	Ivan Rodriguez   	c	500000
Texas Rangers  	Dean Palmer       	3b	475000
Texas Rangers  	Junior Ortiz         	c	350000
Texas Rangers  	Jeff Huson           	ss DL	340000
Texas Rangers  	Rob Ducey          	of	275000
Texas Rangers  	Roger Pavlik       	p DL	237500
Texas Rangers  	Doug Strange      	2b	225000
Texas Rangers  	David Hulse        	of	210000
Texas Rangers  	Billy Ripken       	2b	200000
Texas Rangers  	Matt Whiteside    	p	165000
Texas Rangers  	Estaban Beltre     	if	130000
Texas Rangers  	Steve Dreyer       	p	118500
Texas Rangers  	Jon Shave           	if DL	111500
Texas Rangers  	Darren Oliver     	p	109000
Texas Rangers  	James Hurst        	p	109000
Texas Rangers  	Dan Smith          	p DL	109000
Toronto Blue Jays	Joe Carter           	of	5500000
Toronto Blue Jays	Roberto Alomar  	2b	5333334
Toronto Blue Jays	Dave Stewart      	p	4250000
Toronto Blue Jays	Paul Molitor       	1b-dh	4000000
Toronto Blue Jays	Duane Ward       	p DL	4000000
Toronto Blue Jays	John Olerud        	1b	3750000
Toronto Blue Jays	Devon White      	of	3083334
Toronto Blue Jays	Pat Borders         	c 	2500000
Toronto Blue Jays	Todd Stottlamyre 	p 	2325000
Toronto Blue Jays	Juan Guzman      	p 	1000000
Toronto Blue Jays	Danny Cox         	p DL 	800000
Toronto Blue Jays	Dick Schofield    	ss 	640000
Toronto Blue Jays	AI Leiter             	p 	565000
Toronto Blue Jays	Greg Cadaret       	p 	550000
Toronto Blue Jays	Mike Timlin       	p 	510000
Toronto Blue Jays	Damell Coles      	3b 	500000
Toronto Blue Jays	Pat Hentgen        	p 	500000
Toronto Blue Jays	Ed Sprague.        	3b	500000
Toronto Blue Jays	Tony Castillo      	p 	437500
Toronto Blue Jays	Mike Huff           	of 	200000
Toronto Blue Jays	Randy Knorr       	c 	170000
Toronto Blue Jays	Woody Williams  	p 	150000
Toronto Blue Jays	Domingo Cedeno       	ss 	122500
Toronto Blue Jays	Scott Brow           	p 	115000
Toronto Blue Jays	Carlos Delgado    	of 	109000
Toronto Blue Jays	Alex Gonzalez     	ss 	109000
Toronto Blue Jays	Paul Spoljaric      	p 	109000
Toronto Blue Jays	Paul Menhart      	p DL	109000
Atlanta Braves	Tom Glavine      	p	4750000
Atlanta Braves	Greg Maddux     	p	4000000
Atlanta Braves	Jeff Blauser        	ss	3750000
Atlanta Braves	Fred McGriff     	1b	3750000
Atlanta Braves	John Smoltz       	p	3250000
Atlanta Braves	Terry Pendleton  	3b	3200000
Atlanta Braves	David Justico      	of	3200000
Atlanta Braves	Deion Sanders    	of	2916667
Atlanta Braves	Steve Avery       	p	2800000
Atlanta Braves	Mike Stanton     	p	1400000
Atlanta Braves	Kent Mercker     	p	1225000
Atlanta Braves	Mark Lemke       	2b	1100000
Atlanta Braves	Ratael Belliard    	ss	800000
Atlanta Braves	Steve Bedrosian  	p	750000
Atlanta Braves	Dave Gallagher  	of	700000
Atlanta Braves	Bill Pecota          	if	575000
Atlanta Braves	Charlie O'Brien  	c	550000
Atlanta Braves	Gregg Olson       	p (DL)	500000
Atlanta Braves	Greg McMichael      	p	245000
Atlanta Braves	Mark Wohlers    	p	180000
Atlanta Braves	Milt Hill             	p	158000
Atlanta Braves	Mike Bielecki     	p	150000
Atlanta Braves	Ryan Klesko       	1b-of	111500
Atlanta Braves	Tony Tarasco      	of	111500
Atlanta Braves	Javier Lopez       	of	111500
Atlanta Braves	Chipper Jones 	     ss-of (DL)	109000
Atlanta Braves	Mike Kelly         	of	109000
Chicago Cubs  	Ryne Sandberg      	2b	5975000
Chicago Cubs  	Mark Grace        	1b	4400000
Chicago Cubs  	Randy Myers      	p	3583333
Chicago Cubs  	Jose Guzman      	p	3500000
Chicago Cubs  	Mike Morgan      	p	3375000
Chicago Cubs  	Sammy Sosa       	of	2950000
Chicago Cubs  	Steve Buechele   	3b	2550000
Chicago Cubs  	Shawon Dunston      	ss	2375000
Chicago Cubs  	Dan Plesac          	p	1700000
Chicago Cubs  	Glenallen Hill     	of	1000000
Chicago Cubs  	Willie Wilson     	of	700000
Chicago Cubs  	Jose Bautista       	p	695000
Chicago Cubs  	Rick Wilkins      	c	350000
Chicago Cubs  	Shawn Boskie    	p	300000
Chicago Cubs  	Derrick May      	of	300000
Chicago Cubs  	Mark Parent        	c	250000
Chicago Cubs  	Anthony Young       	p	230000
Chicago Cubs  	Rey Sanchez       	ss	225000
Chicago Cubs  	Frank Castillo    	p (DL)	225000
Chicago Cubs  	Willie Banks      	p	190000
Chicago Cubs  	Karl Rhodes       	of	145000
Chicago Cubs  	Jim Bullinger     	p	145000
Chicago Cubs  	Steve Trachsel   	p	112000
Chicago Cubs  	Eddie Zambrano      	of	112000
Chicago Cubs  	Jose Hernandez   	ss	112000
Chicago Cubs  	Jessie Hollins     	p (DL)	109000
Chicago Cubs  	Blalse Ilsley       	p	109000
Cincinnati Reds	John Smiley       	p	4975000
Cincinnati Reds	Jose Rijo            	p	4875000
Cincinnati Reds	Barry Larkin      	ss	4300000
Cincinnati Reds	Kevin Mitchell   	of	3750000
Cincinnati Reds	Tom Browning        	p	3750000
Cincinnati Reds	Roberto Kelly   	of	3133333
Cincinnati Reds	Erik Hanson      	p	2700000
Cincinnati Reds	Joe Oliver          	c	2500000
Cincinnati Reds	Rob Dibble        	p (DL)	2450000
Cincinnati Reds	Hal Morris         	1b	2100000
Cincinnati Reds	Reggie Sanders  	of	925000
Cincinnati Reds	Thomas Howard      	of	575000
Cincinnati Reds	Chuck McE!roy   	p	525000
Cincinnati Reds	Jeff Brantley        	p	500000
Cincinnati Reds	Tony Fernandez   	3b	500000
Cincinnati Reds	Lenny Harris       	3b	450000
Cincinnati Reds	Jerome Walton    	of	350000
Cincinnati Reds	Jeff Branson        	2b	190000
Cincinnati Reds	Bret Boone           	2b	175000
Cincinnati Reds	Brian Dorsett        	c	170000
Cincinnati Reds	Jacob Brumfield   	of	170000
Cincinnati Reds	Tim Pugh             	p	170000
Cincinnati Reds	Steve.Foster         	p (DL)	135000
Cincinnati Reds	Willie Greene       	3b	125000
Cincinnati Reds	Johnny Ruffin      	p	115000
Cincinnati Reds	Hector Carrasco   	p	109000
Cincinnati Reds	Kevin Jarvis          	p	109000
Colorado Rockies	Andres Galarraga 	1b	3850000
Colorado Rockies	Charlie Hayes       	3b	3050000
Colorado Rockies	Ellis Burks           	of	3000000
Colorado Rockies	Dante Bichette     	of	2800000
Colorado Rockies	Greg Harris          	p	1900000
Colorado Rockies	Howard Johnson  	of	1700000
Colorado Rockies	Joe Girardi           	c	1000000
Colorado Rockies	Darren Holmes    	p	740000
Colorado Rockies	Mike Harkey       	p	600000
Colorado Rockies	Bruce Ruffin        	p	550000
Colorado Rockies	Walt Weiss           	ss	550000
Colorado Rockies	Marvin Freeman   	p	500000
Colorado Rockies	Willie Blair           	p 	325000
Colorado Rockies	Armando Reynoso 	p	224000
Colorado Rockies	Eric Young           	of	205000
Colorado Rockies	Mike Munoz         	p	195000
Colorado Rockies	John Vander Wal 	of	195000
Colorado Rockies	Vinny Castilla      	ss	192500
Colorado Rockies	David Nild           	p	190000
Colorado Rockies	Kent Bottenfield 	p (DL)	187500
Colorado Rockies	Steve Reed          	p	185000
Colorado Rockies	Danny Sheaffer  	c	185000
Colorado Rockies	Mike Kingery     	of	175000
Colorado Rockies	Roberto mejia     	2b	130000
Colorado Rockies	Marcus Moore    	p	123000
Colorado Rockies	Scott Frederickson 	p (DL) 	118000
Colorado Rockies	Nelson Linano     	2b	109000
Florida Marlins	Gary Sheffield     	of	4625000
Florida Marlins	Benito Santiago   	c	3800000
Florida Marlins	Bryan Harvey      	p	3375000
Florida Marlins	Orestes Destrade 	1b	1500000
Florida Marlins	Chris Hammond        	p	925000
Florida Marlins	Dave Magadan    	3b DL	850000
Florida Marlins	Charlie Hough    	p	800000
Florida Marlins	Jerry Browne      	of	650000
Florida Marlins	Luis Aquino         	p	575000
Florida Marlins	Mark Gardner      	p	400000
Florida Marlins	Bret Barberie        	2b	302500
Florida Marlins	Ron Tingley         	c	267000
Florida Marlins	Chudc Carr          	of	230000
Florida Marlins	Jeff Conine          	of	230000
Florida Marlins	Ryan Bowen        	p	185000
Florida Marlins	Jeremy Hernandez 	p	185000
Florida Marlins	Rich Renteria     	2b	160000
Florida Marlins	Alex Arias          	if	155000
Florida Marlins	Richle Lewis      	p	153500
Florida Marlins	Greg Colbrunn   	1b	150000
Florida Marlins	Pat Rapp             	p	136000
Florida Marlins	Dave Weathers   	p	135000
Florida Marlins	Robb Nen           	p	130000
Florida Marlins	Yorkis Perez       	p	127500
Florida Marlins	Matias Carrillo   	of	120000
Florida Marlins	Kurt Abbott        	ss	109000
Houston Astros	Daug Drabek      	p	4250000
Houston Astros	Greg Swindell    	p	3750000
Houston Astros	Craig Bigglo      	2b	3350000
Houston Astros	Pete Harnisch     	p	3205000
Houston Astros	Ken Caminiti     	3b	3200000
Houston Astros	Steve Finley       	of	3050000
Houston Astros	Mitch Williams  	p	2500000
Houston Astros	Jeff Bagwell         	1b	2400000
Houston Astros	Luis Gonzalez      	of	1630000
Houston Astros	Mike Felder         	of	850000
Houston Astros	Darryl Kile           	p	477500
Houston Astros	Tom Edens           	p	475000
Houston Astros	Kevin Bass           	of	400000
Houston Astros	Andujar Cedeno   	ss	340000
Houston Astros	Sid Bream             	1b DL	300000
Houston Astros	Eddie Taubensee   	c	275000
Houston Astros	Scott Servais         	c	272500
Houston Astros	Brian Williams     	p	190000
Houston Astros	Chris Donnels       	3b	170000
Houston Astros	Andy Stankiewicz 	ss	138000
Houston Astros	Todd Jones            	p	135000
Houston Astros	Braulio Castillo     	of RL	120000
Houston Astros	Shane Reynolds    	p	117500
Houston Astros	Mike Hampton     	p	114000
Houston Astros	Tony Eusebio       	c	114000
Houston Astros	James Mouton      	2b	109000
Houston Astros	Roberto Petagine  	1b	109000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Tom Candiotti      	p	3650000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Brett Butler       	of	3500000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Tim Wallach     	3b	3412500
Los Angeles Dodgers	Orel Hershiser   	p	3333334
Los Angeles Dodgers	Darryl Strawberry 	of (DL)	3300000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Kevin Gross          	p	2700000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Delino DeShields 	2b	2700000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Ramon Martinez   	p	2687500
Los Angeles Dodgers	Todd Worrell        	p	2416667
Los Angeles Dodgers	Jim Gott         	p	1800000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Cory Snyder          	of DL	1500000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Roger McDowell  	p	1350000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Erlc Karros           	1b	650000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Mitch Webster      	of	600000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Mike Piazza          	c	600000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Jose Offerman       	ss	515000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Jeff Treadway       	it	500000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Gary Wayne          	p	350000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Pedro Astacio        	p	325000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Dave Hansen         	3b	275000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Carlos Hernandez  	c	265000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Henry Rodriguez   	of	177000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Rafael Bournigal   	ss	134000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Raul Mondesi        	of	126000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Billy Ashley          		109000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Darren Dreifort     	p	109000
Los Angeles Dodgers	Chan Ho Park        	p	109000
Montreal Expos	Larry Walker        	of	4025000
Montreal Expos	Marquis Grissom  	of	3560000
Montreal Expos	Ken Hill          	p	2550000
Montreal Expos	John Wetteland     	p	2225000
Montreal Expos	Moises Alou         	of	1400000
Montreal Expos	Mel Rojas              	p	850000
Montreal Expos	Randy Milligan    	1b	600000
Montreal Expos	Darrin Fletcher    	c	600000
Montreal Expos	Jeff Fassero          	p	315000
Montreal Expos	Mike Lansing       	ss	200000
Montreal Expos	Sean Berry            	3b	200000
Montreal Expos	Wilfredo Cordero 	ss	200000
Montreal Expos	Pedro Martinez     	p	200000
Montreal Expos	Freddie Benavides 	ss	195000
Montreal Expos	Lenny Webster      	c	180000
Montreal Expos	Jeff Shaw              	p	172500
Montreal Expos	Tim Scott              	p	165000
Montreal Expos	Lou Frazier           	of	140000
Montreal Expos	Gil Heredia           	p	135000
Montreal Expos	Denis Boucher      	p	135000
Montreal Expos	Tim Spehr             	c	132000
Montreal Expos	Kirk Rueter           	p	130000
Montreal Expos	Rondell White       	of	112000
Montreal Expos	Cliff Floyd            	1b	109500
Montreal Expos	Jeff Gardner          	if	109000
New York Mets  	Bobby Bonilla       	3b	6300000
New York Mets  	Dwight Gooden     	p	4616667
New York Mets  	Bret Saberhagen    	p	4362990
New York Mets  	John Franco            	p	4000000
New York Mets  	Kevin McReynolds 	of	2916667
New York Mets  	Mike Maddux         	p	1362500
New York Mets  	Pete Smith        	p	1100000
New York Mets  	Joe Orsulak            	of	850000
New York Mets  	Jose Vizcaino         	ss	850000
New York Mets  	David Segui           	1b	550000
New York Mets  	Luis Rivera            	ss	450000
New York Mets  	Jeff Kent         	2b	437500
New York Mets  	Todd Hundley       	c	290000
New York Mets  	Pete Schourek        	p	225000
New York Mets  	Jeff McKnight        	2b	180000
New York Mets  	Jeromy Burnitz      	of	175000
New York Mets  	Ryan Thompson    	of	175000
New York Mets  	Eric Hillman          	p	170000
New York Mets  	Tim Bogar             	ss	162000
New York Mets  	David Telgheder   	p	135000
New York Mets  	Boboy Jones         	p	130000
New York Mets  	Jonathan Hurst      	p	125000
New York Mets  	John Cangelosi     	of	109000
New York Mets  	Kelly Stinnett        	c	109000
New York Mets  	Fernando Vina      	if	109000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Doug Jones        	p	3250000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Danny Jackson       	p	2625000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Lenny Dykstra       	of	2600000
Philadelphia Phillies  	John Kruk           	1b (DL)	2450000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Curt Schilling    	p	2300000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Darren Daulton  	c	2250000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Mariano Duncan      	2b	2200000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Tommy Greene        	p	2000000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Dave Hollins      	3b	2000000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Milt Thompson   	of	1375000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Jim Eisenreich    	of	1200000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Ricky Jordan       	1b	1100000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Pete Incaviglia    	of	1050000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Norm Charlton    	p (DL)	850000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Mickey Morandini  	2b	750000
Philadelphia Phillies  	David West          	p	600000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Roger Mason        	p	500000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Wes Chamberlain 	of (DL)	350000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Larry Andersen    	p (DL)	350000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Ben Rivera            	p	335000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Kevin Stocker       	ss	190000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Heathcliff Slocumb 	p	185000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Kim Batiste           	ss	175000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Todd Pratt             	c	155000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Mike Williams      	p	130000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Bobby Munoz       	p	125000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Tony Longmire     	of 	109000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Jeff Juden         	p	109000
Philadelphia Phillies  	Tom Marsh            	of	109000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Andy Van Slyke       	of	3550000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Jay Bell               	ss	3200000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Zane Smfth         	p	3125000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Jeff King            	3b	2400000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Orlanoo Merced       	of	1485000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Don Slaught        	c	1475000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Randy Tornlin     	p	975000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Lloyd McClendon 	of	650000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Tom Foley           	2b	400000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Dave Clark          	of	380000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Brian Hunter       	1b	250000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Denny Neagle     	p	220000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Carlos Garcia      	2b	192500
Pittsburgh Pirates	Al Martin            	of	192500
Pittsburgh Pirates	Steve Cooke        	p	187500
Pittsburgh Pirates	Paul Wagner        	p	180000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Jeff Ballard          	p	175000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Alejandro Pena    	p DL	175000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Kevin Young       	1b	160000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Jerry Goff            	c	145000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Blas Minor           	p	145000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Mark Dewey        	p	140000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Joel Johnston       	p	130000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Will Pennyfeather 	of	115000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Ravelo Manzanillo 	p	109000
Pittsburgh Pirates	Rick White           	p	109000
St. Louis Cardinals	Gregg Jefferies    	1b	4600000
St. Louis Cardinals	Bob Tewksbury   	p	3500000
St. Louis Cardinals	Ozzie Smith         	ss	3000000
St. Louis Cardinals	Todd Zeile           	3b	2700000
St. Louis Cardinals	Tom Pagnozzi      	c DL	2575000
St. Louis Cardinals	Jose Oquendo      	2b	2150000
St. Louis Cardinals	Ray Lankford       	of	1650000
St. Louis Cardinals	Bernard Gilkey    	of	1635000
St. Louis Cardinals	Mark Whiten        	of	1008334
St. Louis Cardinals	Brian Jordan        	of	846667
St. Louis Cardinals	Rich Rodriguez    	p	700000
St. Louis Cardinals	Gerald Perry        	1b	650000
St. Louis Cardinals	Luis Alicea         	2b	650000
St. Louis Cardinals	Rob Murphy        	p	600000
St. Louis Cardinals	Geronimo Pena   	if	575000
St. Louis Cardinals	John Habyan       	p	250000
St. Louis Cardinals	Rick Sutcliffe     	p	250000
St. Louis Cardinals	Paul Kilgus         	p DL	225000
St. Louis Cardinals	Mike Perez          	p	200000
St. Louis Cardinals	Rheal Cormier    	p	160000
St. Louis Cardinals	Rene Arocha      	p	140000
St. Louis Cardinals	Vicente Palacios  	p	140000
St. Louis Cardinals	Erik Pappas         	c	140000
St. Louis Cardinals	Allen Watson      	p	130000
St. Louis Cardinals	Stan Royer          	3b	130000
St. Louis Cardinals	Tom Urbani         	p	130000
St. Louis Cardinals	Donovan Osbome      	p DL	112000
St. Louis Cardinals	Terry McGriff      	c	109000
San Diego Padres	Tony Gwynn        	of	3583333
San Diego Padres	Andy Benes         	p	3005000
San Diego Padres	Bip Roberts         	2b	1500000
San Diego Padres	Gene Harris         	p	750000
San Diego Padres	Wally Whitehurst 	p	695000
San Diego Padres	Phil Plantier         	ot	500000
San Diego Padres	Mark Davis         	p	400000
San Diego Padres	Derek Bell          	of	385000
San Diego Padres	Cralg Shipley.     	ss	275000
San Diego Padres	Andy Ashby        	p	225000
San Diego Padres	Ricky Gutierrez   	ss	187500
San Diego Padres	Archi Cianfrocco 	3b	185000
San Diego Padres	Trevor Hoffman   	p	180000
San Diego Padres	Phil Clark            	of	155000
San Diego Padres	Doug Brocal1     	p DL	150000
San Diego Padres	Billy Bean          	of	145000
San Diego Padres	Tim Mauser        	p	145000
San Diego Padres	Tim Worrell        	p	135000
San Diego Padres	Pedro Martinez   	p	135000
San Diego Padres	Brad Ausmus      	c	133500
San Diego Padres	Scott Sanders     	p	115000
San Diego Padres	Brian Johnson    	c	109000
San Diego Padres	Tim Hyers          	1b 	109000
San Diego Padres	Dave Staton        	1b	109000
San Diego Padres	A. J. Sager         	p	109000
San Francisco Giants	Barry Bonds       	of	4984300
San Francisco Giants	Matt Williams    	3b	4050000
San Francisco Giants	Willie McGee     	of	3562500
San Francisco Giants	John Burkett       	p	3550000
San Francisco Giants	Robby Thompson      	2b	3333333
San Francisco Giants	Bud Black           	p (DL)	3250000
San Francisco Giants	Mike Jackson      	p	2966667
San Francisco Giants	Mark Portugal     	p	2333333
San Francisco Giants	Bill Swift             	p	2316667
San Francisco Giants	Kirt Manwaring   	c	1800000
San Francisco Giants	Dave Martinez     	of	1100000
San Francisco Giants	Trevor Wilson     	p (DL)	1000000
San Francisco Giants	Steve Frey.           	p	915000
San Francisco Giants	Todd Benzinger   	1b	700000
San Francisco Giants	Rod Beck             	p	700000
San Francisco Giants	Mark Carreon      	of	650000
San Francisco Giants	Jeff Reed             	c	600000
San Francisco Giants	Darren Lewis       	of	350000
San Francisco Giants	Royce Clayton     	ss	325000
San Francisco Giants	Rich Monteleone  	p	287500
San Francisco Giants	Bryan Hickerson  	p	270000
San Francisco Giants	Mike Benjamin     	ss	225000
San Francisco Giants	Dave Burba          	p	225000
San Francisco Giants	Kevin Rogers        	p	200000
San Francisco Giants	Steve Scarsone      	2b	130000
San Francisco Giants	Salomon Torres    	p	115000
San Francisco Giants	John Pattersan       	2b	115000