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Further Research

Despite the abundance of research studies cited above, most of them have only general implications. Much is still to be learned about particular problems. Important questions that still need to be asked include:

  1. How does the use of computers improve student learning of particular concepts and help overcome particular misconceptions? E.g., what kinds of computer labs work best in developing the idea of particular concepts, such as averages or sampling variability?

  2. What techniques are most effective in confronting and overcoming particular misconceptions?

  3. What specific small-group activities work best in helping students learn particular concepts and develop particular reasoning skills?

  4. What types of assessment procedures and materials best inform teachers about students' understanding?

Results of research studies based on these questions, along with the base of knowledge already summarized, will help us to rethink what in statistics is most important to learn, how it should be taught, and what evidence of success we should seek.
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