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Summary: Implications for Teaching

Statistics teaching can be more effective if teachers determine what it is they really want students to know and do as a result of their course - and then provide activities designed to develop the performance they desire. Appropriate assessment needs to be incorporated into the learning process so that teachers and students can determine whether the learning goals are being achieved - in time to do something about shortcomings before the course is over. Teachers need to consider the implications of research findings and determine how they relate to particular courses, students, and available resources. There is not just one blueprint for change.

Statistics educators should think about and continually assess their personal theories of learning and teaching in light of the evidence classroom experience provides. Teachers should experiment with different teaching approaches and activities and monitor the results, not only by using conventional tests but by carefully listening to students and evaluating information reflecting different aspects of their learning. In this way, teachers may continually analyze and refine their theories of how students learn statistics.

Finally, students should be encouraged to assess their own learning as well as their notions of how they learn, by giving them opportunities to reflect on the teaching/learning process.
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