Class 29: Risk Quiz


Take the risk quiz (individually) and pass it in.

Read the article "Fright by the Numbers" by Cynthia Crossen.

What do you think Ms. Crossen would say about the quiz? Which questions on the quiz are the most and the least meaningful?

Look at the chart for developing cancer on the third page of the article. Notice that the chance of a woman developing cancer in the next 10 years (given that she is currently cancer-free) increases with age. Yet the chance of a woman eventually developing cancer decreases with age. How can this be?

Read the comments by Ruma Falk. Do her comments apply to this situation? Figure out the answer to the discussion question at the bottom of the page.

Looking back at the Cynthia Crossen article and chart, the situation is still more complicated for men. The chance of a man developing cancer in the next 10 years (given that he is currently cancer free) increases with age, and chance that a man will eventually develop cancer first increases and then decreases. Explain this!


Laurie wins the 2 journal points. The report by Hoffman et. al. on Web